Ohio State Harnesses Students’ Imagination for 3D Printing Innovation

February 26, 2015 by Samuel Beavers, Associate
Ohio State Harnesses Students’ Imagination for 3D Printing Innovation

The more you read about 3D printing, the more you became enamored with its seemingly endless possibilities. We have discussed in these pages before how 3D printers are being used to print everything from engagement rings to human body parts. Now, The Ohio State University is among those embracing the concept that the only limits to what can be printed are the limits of the imagination.

This semester, the Columbus Dispatch reported, that Ohio State bought two MakerBot Replicators and has allowed students to make whatever they want, for free. The list of requests to use the printers has numbered more than 500 and, as one might imagine, the list of proposed projects have been diverse. Many students wish to make model cars, figurines from TV shows, and bottle openers. Other students, however, have a more noble ambition.

Medical student, Dheeraj Duggineni, wished to build a prosthetic hand. “My personal interests are the convergence of global health and emerging technology,” Duggineni is quoted as saying in the Dispatch. “It could really help from a global-health standpoint, installing a 3-D printer in clinics across the globe or in developing communities.”

Professors are getting in on the action too. Biology lecturer, Cynthia Dassler, printed small attachments that turn a cellphone camera into a microscope as a cheap, but effective, version of otherwise expensive equipment.

However, perhaps the most ingenious request was by a student who requested to print the parts that would enable him to build his own 3D printer.  No word on whether such request was granted.

For more on Ohio State’s 3D printing experiment please visit http://www.dispatch.com/content/stories/local/2015/02/15/free-3-d-builds-big-following.html. For more information about Ice Miller’s Additive Manufacturing/3D Law practice, please contact Ice Miller. 

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