How to Implement the 'Principles' in Your Agribusiness

January 30, 2015 by Nicholas R. Merker, Partner
How to Implement the 'Principles' in Your Agribusiness

Ice Miller can help innovators overcome critical challenges to grow successful agribusinesses. Learn more about the unique business and legal challenges facing food and agricultural innovators and how to protect and grow that innovation in our 2015 Agribusiness Guide. An excerpt follows: 

Although the Principles are a step in the right direction for the agricultural industry, it is up to producers and ATPs to build these concepts into their contracts and company policies and procedures. That is, the Principles are guidelines, not requirements, and the agricultural industry will need to implement them in order to benefit from this great effort.
Implementing the Principles requires a top-down executive commitment to the organization which builds a culture of privacy and data security. It is not enough to agree on the Principles publicly only to discard the same in day-to-day practice. To truly be committed to the Principles, a company may want to consider establishing an over-arching information privacy and security program with consideration towards commonly used tools for implementation of the same, like Privacy by Design, a Privacy Impact Assessment process, Incident Management, a Risk Assessment Procedure, and the like.

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