May 2015

Does Your Utility Need a Risk-Based Approach to Easements and Rights-of-Way?

May 28, 2015 by Philip B. McKiernan, Partner
Underlying any utility system, whether it be an electric, gas, water or wastewater system, are the land rights on which it is built. A utility’s rights in land include the outright or “fee” ownership of land on which it may site significant assets, e.g. a power plant. Land rights also include the more economically acquired rights-of-way on which a utility locates distribution or collection facilities.

Timely Cost Recovery: Specialized Rate Mechanisms to Maximize Cost Recovery

May 27, 2015 by Kay Pashos, Steven W. Krohne,
Why are utilities exploring alternatives to traditional rate regulation now more than ever? For two reasons—costs generally increase during periods between rate cases, and utilities more frequently need to make large, new investments in generation, transmission or distribution-system improvements as a result of aging infrastructures. When rates are established in a rate case based upon current or historical investments, it becomes difficult for the utility to recover costs and earn its authorized return in a timely manner.

StartUp Week a Resounding Success

May 18, 2015
Here’s a shout out to UpGlobal for bringing StartUp Week to Columbus May 4-8.  Over 1500 persons attended over 70 programs throughout the community in tracks diverse as food and beverage, retail and fashion as well as the expected business, entrepreneurship and technology.

Explore Solutions for Utility Service Providers

May 5, 2015
Utilities face an ever-changing landscape of regulatory hurdles. Vigilance across local, state and federal agencies is imperative for investor-owned, municipal, and non-traditional utilities. 

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