Strategic Environmental Portfolio Management

October 24, 2014 by Kristina M. Tridico, Partner
Assessing the environmental risk of your portfolio of properties and companies is more than performing a one-and-done environmental investigation at the time of purchase or sale. Just as governance and regulatory discipline can improve the performance of a financial portfolio, a systematic review of environmental risk and overall environmental exposure can align a company's holdings with its overall risk profile.
In addition to assessing the environmental status of facilities in due diligence, Ice Miller can assist you in evaluating your environmental portfolio and assess risk across your entire platform. This assessment provides a consistent framework for monitoring environmental exposure, tracking reporting and recognized environmental conditions to more easily identify those sites with the highest potential for exposure.  Systematic assessment provides a framework for the timely and effective divestitures without wasting time and resources.
Visit our Environmental Due Diligence and Transactions page here.

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