January 23, 2006


Be Sure Your Retirement Plan Administration Complies With Cost of Living Adjustments for 2006

The Internal Revenue Service has announced its annual cost of living adjustments for 2006. To assist plan sponsors, Ice Miller's updated Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) chart lists the cost of living adjustments to retirement plan limitations for the years 1995 through 2006. We have included the adjusted limits, as well as Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation numbers, Federal income tax amounts, and Social Security and Medicare amounts, for the past eleven years as a handy reference tool. If you would like a laminated copy of the chart, please e-mail your name and address to Kari.Wilkins@icemiller.com.

To discuss the impact of these cost of living adjustments with your contact in the Employee Benefits Group at Ice Miller, please use this link to access our directory of attorneys. If you do not have a contact in the Ice Miller Employee Benefits Group, please feel free to contact Jim Kemper or Marc Sciscoe.

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