We handle a wide range of insurance matters.

Our clients include insurance companies, agencies, producers, intermediaries, consultants, policyholders, regulators and administrators. We help clients address complex insurance disputes through litigation, arbitration and mediation, including complex coverage disputes, bad faith claims, reinsurance disputes, and director and officer litigation. We also assist insurance industry clients with corporate transactions and regulatory and public affairs matters including acquisitions, divestitures, purchases and sales of blocks of business, reinsurance transactions, securities offerings, takeovers, agency licensing and insurance insolvency claims.


Name Position Phone Email
Wayne O. Adams III Partner 317-236-2117
Holiday W. Banta Partner 317-236-5882
William J. Barath Partner 614-462-2311
Phillip L. Bayt Partner 317-236-2396
Michael A. Blickman Partner 317-236-2298
Jenifer M. Brown Partner 317-236-2242
Brian C. Crist Partner 317-236-5997
Henry A. Efroymson Partner 317-236-2397
Jeremy M. Grayem Partner 614-462-2284
John R. Hammond III Partner 317-236-5807
Melanie E. Harris Partner 317-236-5996
Brent W. Huber Partner 317-236-5942
Jodi Spencer Johnson Of Counsel 216-394-5078
Kevin R. Knight Partner 317-236-5828
Angela P. Krahulik Partner 317-236-5991
Drew J. Miroff Partner 317-236-2267
John T. Murphy Of Counsel 317-236-2292
Judy S. Okenfuss Managing Partner 317-236-2115
Gregory L. Pemberton Partner 317-236-2313
James L. Petersen Partner 317-236-2308
Ryan McCabe Poor Partner 317-236-5976
Melissa Proffitt Partner 317-236-2470
Susan D. Rector Partner 614-462-2219
Nicholas Reuhs Partner 317-236-2160
Phillip Ralph Scaletta Partner 317-236-2330
Rebecca J. Seamands Partner 317-236-5889
Myra C. Selby Partner 317-236-5903
Mark I. Shublak Partner 317-236-5981
Paul H. Sinclair Partner 317-236-2176
Eric L. Singer Partner 630-955-5826
Timothy W. Sullivan Senior Counsel 317-236-2161
Paul C. Sweeney Senior Counsel 317-236-5894
Thomas A. Walsh Partner 317-236-5946
L. Alan Whaley Partner 317-236-2362
Philip A. Whistler Partner 317-236-2349
Christopher J. Magill Economic Development Director 614-462-1141
Asaka Yamauchi Cadio Paralegal 317-236-5857
Taretta Shine Paralegal 312-726-7143
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