Ice Miller LLP has served as bond counsel, disclosure counsel and special counsel to Illinois downstate units of local government for decades working in all parts of the state. Our experience includes cities and villages, counties, school districts, fire protection districts, park districts and other special districts. 

Our downstate Illinois attorneys also regularly act as underwriter’s counsel to most municipal bond underwriters. Ice Miller bond lawyers regularly brief industry groups on contemporary issues as well as serve as counsel to several national bond attorney organizations.  

Our Illinois bond lawyers who concentrate on downstate bond issues and devote their practice to municipal finance include Bruce Agin (29 years experience) and Jim Snyder (27 years experience).  Bruce and Jim are joined by Bob Schillerstrom, Enzo Incandela, Mark Huddle and paralegal Jenine Phillips to form our downstate Illinois bond team.  
Ice Miller has been ranked among national leaders in many types of government financings, including financings for schools, higher education, hospitals, infrastructure, tax increment and economic development transactions. According to ThomsonReuters Annual Municipal Reports, in 2015 our Illinois bond lawyers ranked #2 in number of long term Illinois municipal bond issues as bond counsel, #3 in par amount and number of long term municipal Illinois bond issues as underwriters counsel, and #2 in number of long-term Illinois municipal bond issues as disclosure counsel.
We dedicate all resources needed to provide our downstate clients with timely, efficient and nationally recognized bond counsel services of the highest quality at reasonable costs. Our goal is to understand our clients' capital and financing needs and to assist them creatively to achieve their financing goals. 
2015 Downstate Bond Issues 
(# of issues)
  Bond Counsel Disclosure Counsel Other Roles
Illinois Downstate Villages and Cities 16 17 6
Illinois Downstate School Districts 9 15 1
Other Illinois Downstate Units of Local Government 9 4 4
Total Bond Issues 36 34 11

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