3D Printing Your Own Braces

April 13, 2016 by Samuel Beavers, Associate
3D Printing Your Own Braces

Next up in the ingenuity of college students, a subject that is becoming a regular installment of our blog, we travel to the New Jersey Institute of Technology. That is where Amos Dudley used the school's "high-end 3D printer" (no word on the model) to print his own set of braces.
According to this article by Fox News and as originally reported by Fox13Now, Dudley first scanned and printed a model of his teeth, then molded clear plastic around that model, and then designed the alignment tray for the dental braces by determining how far each tooth needed to move. All in all, he printed 12 braces for approximately $60 and, as of the date of the article, has been wearing them for 16 weeks.
While he has understandably started to receive requests to print braces for others, prudence has taken precedence.

“I’m not interested in orthodontics,” he told Fox13Now. “It was more of a hacker project than making a business out of this.”

For more information about Dudley's braces, please read Fox News’ article and Fox13Now’s article. Contact Ice Miller for more information about our Additive Manufacturing/3D Law practice.

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