Employers: Expect the Unexpected When an Inspector Arrives

August 26, 2014 by Michael H. Boldt, Of Counsel | Felix C. Wade, Partner
Workplace safety is of paramount importance for our clients. Learn more about best pratices for workplace inspections through our 2014 Labor Law Guides. An excerpt follows:  
Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration

Employers must always be prepared for the arrival of a compliance officer by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Your company may be chosen for inspection for one of several reasons. Generally, OSHA will not notify an employer it will be inspecting the workplace. OSHA has established a system of inspection priorities and will inspect “imminent danger” situations first – where it is determined an employee is in danger of being subject to death or serious physical harm.
The second priority is investigation of fatalities and accidents resulting in a death or hospitalization of three or more employees. OSHA then will inspect establishments which it receives complaints or referrals of alleged hazards. Finally, OSHA establishes a schedule of inspections for what are considered high-hazard industries and workplaces, such as construction.

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