Attorney Spotlight: Todd Ponder Named Best Lawyers® 2017 “Lawyer of the Year” in Indianapolis in Pub

August 15, 2016
Attorney Spotlight: Todd Ponder Named Best Lawyers® 2017 “Lawyer of the Year” in Indianapolis in Public Finance Law

Ice Miller partner Todd Ponder was named Best Lawyers® 2017 “Lawyer of the Year” in Indianapolis in Public Finance Law. Todd assists a variety of clients with the financing or refinancing of their significant capital projects through the use of low interest rate tax-exempt bonds. Todd works primarily with both public and private colleges and universities, as well as other types of Section 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations, including private K-12 schools, charter schools, museums, cultural institutions, YMCAs and the like.

We asked Todd: What is the most rewarding thing about your legal practice?
“For me, the most rewarding aspect of practicing law has been the strong the relationships I have developed over the years with so many wonderful clients. I did not often think about the relationship part of the legal profession when I was a law student or a new lawyer. I tended to view the profession back then as mainly just an academic exercise in problem solving. That aspect of the job will always be there, and the law will always remain an intellectual challenge; however, it’s the people and the relationships with clients that really make it fun to be a counselor at law. When you have the opportunity to learn a client’s business at a fundamental level, and to help the client fulfill its core mission, that client will eventually come to see you as an integral part of their team. There is a common misperception of lawyers as just hired guns or necessary evils, or worse yet a drain on the bottom line. In my experience, however, there is nothing more rewarding than being viewed by a client as somebody who can actually enhance their business or help them grow. I have been very fortunate in my career to have many long-time, loyal and repeat clients, and I have made very strong connections with just about all of them. When a client is genuinely happy to call you, views you as a trusted advisor and confidant, and is not just dreading a legal bill, that is truly a wonderful feeling.”

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