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Survey: High Start-Up Costs Cause Delay in 3D Printing Implementation; Applications Growing

December 16, 2014 by Samuel Beavers, Associate
Survey: High Start-Up Costs Cause Delay in 3D Printing Implementation;  Applications Growing

A new survey by the information technology research firm Gartner, Inc., found that high start-up costs are the main reason companies delay implementing 3D printing technology into their business and marketing plans. Despite this, a number of other survey statistics point to growth opportunities for 3D printing technology.

Of the 330 individuals surveyed by Gartner, approximately 60 percent pointed to high costs as the technology’s major obstacle. “[W]hile the technology is already in use across a wide range of manufacturing verticals from medical to aerospace, costs remain the primary concern for buyers,” said Pete Basiliere, research director at Gartner.

However, the survey also found that the potential uses for the technology is growing. “[W]e predict that by 2018, almost 50 percent of consumer, heavy industry and life sciences manufacturers will use 3D printing to produce parts for the items they consume, sell or service,” Basiliere said.

While at this point, 3D printing is cost prohibitive, the survey found that business managers overwhelming view the technology as a future part of their supply chain which will eventually help them reduce costs. “The market is emerging from its nascent stage as organizations move beyond design and prototyping applications of 3D printing toward creating short run production quantities of finished products,” Basiliere said.

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