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A Midwestern Opportunity?

A Midwestern Opportunity?
February 16, 2022 by Aaron B. Aft, Partner
Those who have chosen to move to the Midwest, to cities like Indianapolis, IN, Columbus, OH, Minneapolis, MN, St. Louis, MO and Kansas City, MO, know something a lot of people on the coasts are slowly picking up on - Midwest cities offer a more affordable and sometimes better quality of life than major cities on the coasts. 

If the changes wrought by the COVID-19 era shift to remote work remain the 'new normal', it seems logical that an increasing number of people will look to relocate from the coasts to the Midwest to take advantage of reduced traffic and commute times, cheaper costs of living, and more affordable housing. For this to happen, though, Midwestern cities will still need to provide a compelling draw for talent. Indiana, for instance, has focused on accelerating growth of biotech and life sciences, and the Indianapolis metro area has seen a wealth of recent development that enhances the region's housing options, office, logistics and manufacturing spaces, and work-live-play settings. 

Such initiatives will be crucial for Midwestern cities to become attractive to people currently working on the coasts or in other major metropolitan areas. Heartland Forward, a self-described 'think and do tank' has an interesting interactive map tool here that helps analyze some of the subtle geographical shifts that are starting to appear. 

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