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Will the Gig Economy Work for Executives?

Will the Gig Economy Work for Executives?
February 7, 2022 by Charles Ellis Bush II, Partner
The Gig Economy is not for corporate America. 

The Gig Economy will never work with executive level employees.

Executives can’t be effective working for multiple organizations. 

The sentiments above may be a thing of the past as many organizations are beginning to embrace the idea of employing fractional executives, who are executive level employees that work on a part time or contract basis.

In such a competitive hiring market, many employers are learning that they can recruit and hire fractional executives who can bring efficiency and experience for a cost much less than that of a full-time executive. This is especially true for organizations that may not have the budget, workload, or desire to hire a six-figure executive. As an employment lawyer that frequently advises clients on matters related to executives, this is certainly a trend that I will keep an eye on as the hiring landscape continues to develop for executive level talent.

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