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3D Printing Events Roundup

July 24, 2014 by Josef Keglewitsch, Partner
This memo contains brief summaries of various articles and events that I have come across over the past two weeks.  There were limited substantive articles that were on point to our practice.

3D Printing Events in the United States

1. Deloitte University Press Offering Free Online Course on the Business Implications of Additive Manufacturing
Course Open:  Now – August 8, 2014
Deloitte University Press has just launched an open online course on the business implications of additive manufacturing.  This course is designed to explore the business considerations of dealing with the additive manufacturing industry. 
According to Deloitte, the course will explore these topics and more:
  • What is additive manufacturing?  Learn the processes and technologies that fall under the additive manufacturing umbrella and gain an understanding of where they fit within the universe of manufacturing technologies.
  • How will additive manufacturing impact my business?  Explore a framework based on economic principles that help explain how additive manufacturing will influence performance, growth, innovation, and drive supply chain change.
  • What is happening in key sectors impacted by additive manufacturing?  Understand the current and potential uses of additive manufacturing in sectors including medical technology, automotive, and aerospace and defense, and learn how you can analyze your own industry and company to define a path forward with additive manufacturing.
  • What factors influence the business case for additive manufacturing?  Explore the key dynamics and general factors you should consider when building a business case for additive manufacturing.
The course consists of mini-lectures organized into five modules.  There are also short quizzes to help participants gauge how well they are retaining the information.  Upon completion, participants can receive a certificate of completion if they complete the module quizzes.
Take advantage of this great opportunity at:

2. 3D Printing & Additive Manufacturing Summit
September 16 – 18, 2014 / Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
This three-day summit offers a great opportunity to learn how 3D printing may impact your business.  The summit will have a host of panels and speakers.  It will also offer multiple tracks during the summit: 3D Design, Process & Materials, The Evolution of 3D Printing, Entrepreneurship, Legal and IP, Practical Applications.  This event is committed to showing your commercial business or non-profit best business practices when it comes to disruptive technology.
3. Designer of Things Conference
September 23 – 24, 2014 / San Francisco, California
This conference will explore topics including 3D printing applications, 3D designs, the journey to IPO, the ability to network objects, and the integration of Internet of Things into the 3D printing space.  The conference will also feature presentations on wearable technology.
4. 3D Printing LIVE! – The next step for Additive Manufacturing
November 19 – 20, 2014 / Santa Clara Convention Center, California
This event offers attendees the chance to hear from key players in the 3D printing market.  Attendees will also be presented with reports from actual end-users across a range of application areas, as well as the latest technological advances within the 3D market.
5. Additive Manufacturing Users Group Conference
April 19 – 23, 2015 / Jacksonville, Florida
This conference is AMUG’s 27th Annual Education & Training Conference.  It is tailored for users of additive manufacturing.  The conference gives users a chance to learn from training sessions, network with other users in the industry, and explore new developments in the technology.

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