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Bigger, Better Innovation Showcase Spotlights Startup Ecosystem Growth - Kristine Camron

July 15, 2014
Ice Miller partner Kristine Camron was recently interviewed by TechPoint’s Joshua Hall following the Innovation Showcase. He asked Kristine and other thought leaders for their perspectives on why the Innovation Showcase is such a success, and what it means for Indianapolis. Kristine’s response follows:

Have we reached a THERE point as a community that you imagined years ago? "I think we have made a TON of progress in our technology community but I am not sure we are 'there' yet. I guess it depends on how you define 'there.' I am not sure we are ever really there. There is always something we can work on. I think we will be more 'there' when you start to see more people coming to the event who are from the coasts, and Chicago and Austin, etc. Most of the folks I saw were local and they are always great to see, but we need to draw sources of capital into our state from other locations."

What is it that makes this event so fun and anticipated? "People, people, people ... The technology community is such a community and there is such a great camaraderie among the folks who work in the industry -- regardless of whether or not they are competitors. That is the great thing about Indiana, people truly do want to help others be successful. My hope for the future is seeing this event become more like south by southwest in Austin or other similar events around the country."

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