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Distressed Opportunity Bulletin - Issue 11

Distressed Opportunity Bulletin - Issue 11
March 21, 2022 by Marita Clarke, Practice Group Director | Amy M. Corsaro, Partner | Tyson A. Crist, Partner | Matt Ehinger, Partner | Christina Laun Fugate, Partner | Philip C. Genetos, Senior Counsel | Brent W. Huber, Partner | Tyler J. Kalachnik, Partner | Laurie Miller, Partner | David L. Nie, Partner | Thomas A. Pampush, Partner | Eric L. Singer, Partner | Scott Snively, Partner | Taryn E. Stone, Partner | Kevin C. Woodhouse, Senior Counsel | Thomas Kesoglou, Partner | Chase A. Stuart, Office Managing Partner | J.C. Brown, Of Counsel | Jeff Hokanson, Partner | John C. Cannizzaro, Partner | Jay Augustyn, Partner | Alyson M. Fiedler, Partner | Louis T. DeLucia, Partner | Simone Park, Associate | Samuel Raboy, Partner | John R. Acquaviva, Paralegal | Chelsea Abramowitz, Associate | Amir Ovcina, Partner | Michael Ott, Of Counsel | Phillip N. Coover, Partner | Kim L. Stapleton, Sales Manager | Jason R. Berne, Partner | Diane Bell, Partner | Safet Metjahic, Partner | Jason Lundy, Partner
Ice Miller launched its Distressed Investment Group ("DIG") to identify and facilitate distressed investment opportunities and assist clients through creative and strategic acquisitions and investments in bankruptcies, in-court restructurings, out-of-court restructurings and other insolvency-related transactions.

DIG’s members also have significant experience representing private and institutional investors, including private equity real estate funds and REITs, developers and operators in the acquisition, redevelopment and operation of distressed real estate across various asset classes.

To learn more about DIG or any opportunities listed in this Bulletin or, if you have any opportunities you’d like us to share in our next Bulletin, please visit our webpage or contact any of our DIG members.

Check out the eleventh issue for a list of currently available distressed investment opportunities and to learn more about our Distressed Investment Group.

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