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What is Blockchain?

It’s your future.
  Blockchain technology enables transactions through a peer-to-peer ledger with improved efficiency and without the need for a centralized authority. The most prolific use of Blockchain technology today serves as the backbone for cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and others. However, many new uses for this cutting-edge technology are on the horizon, including voting, health record management, insurance claims, title management, cross-jurisdictional payments, smart contracts and supply chain management.

Understand how Blockchain is building your future by watching our 90-second video.

Still confused? Listen to our Blockchain podcast series. Additional episodes will be added. Check back frequently for more!
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  Episode 1: Blockchain's Impact on Supply Chain Management
Nick Merker, Ice Miller partner, co-chair of the Data Security and Privacy Practice and chair of the Blockchain Practice, discusses Blockchain’s impact, both positive and negative, on supply chain management. Listen Here.
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  Episode 2: Tax Implications and Obligations Associated with Cryptocurrencies
Matt Ehinger, a partner in Ice Miller's Tax Group, discusses the tax implications and obligations related to cryptocurrency transactions. Listen Here.

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If you have questions regarding Blockchain or would like more information, send us an email here.



Meet Our Featured Attorneys

Members of Ice Miller's Blockchain Practice bring a multidisciplinary approach to work hand-in-hand with clients to navigate the legal risks associated with this technology. We provide counsel on the uncertain regulatory compliance regimes at both the state and federal level, assist clients in the acquisition of funding for startup ventures reliant on Blockchain and help clients procure cryptocurrency in response to cyber extortion or as investment opportunities. 

  Ice Miller's Blockchain attorneys include seasoned white collar defense attorneys, former federal prosecutors and data privacy and security professionals. To learn more about Blockchain and our multidisciplinary team, click here  
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