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Law Student Recruiting Commitments and Expectations

Ice Miller’s Commitment to a Fair and Reasonable Recruiting Process

Ice Miller is committed to a fair and reasonable recruitment process. We want law students to not only feel comfortable with their decision to accept an offer from Ice Miller, but to feel proud about joining our team.

Ice Miller recognizes that its most important asset is the diversity and talent of its team members. The Firm has been able to attract and maintain sophisticated clients over its 100+ year history, because they can count on the excellent service and unique qualities of our people. We are building an environment where a diverse group of intelligent, self-directed, motivated, and curious individuals can develop close working relationships with one another in a friendly and fast-paced setting.

We believe that our recruiting process should reflect the values of the Firm–that every attorney feels supported and able to develop to their full potential, thus serving our clients to the best of their abilities. In light of NALP’s announcement on December 13, 2018 of new Principles for a Fair and Ethical Recruiting Process, Ice Miller stresses its commitment to treating all law students fairly, equitably, reasonably, and respectfully, while recognizing that each law student is an individual with their own set of circumstances and considerations in making the challenging decision between competing offers of employment.

Therefore, Ice Miller makes the following Commitments to a Fair and Reasonable Recruiting Process:

  1. Ice Miller is committed a fair and reasonable recruiting process that prioritizes the ability of the Firm and law student candidates to learn about one another in an authentic way that allows both the Firm and the law students the opportunity to make an informed decision about one another. Ice Miller is committed to providing law student candidates the opportunity to learn about the Firm, its attorneys, practices, policies, programs, and benefits.
  2. Ice Miller is committed to following all recruiting guidelines established by a law student candidate’s law school. In the absence of contradictory guidelines from a candidate’s law school, Ice Miller is committed to keeping all offers for law student summer associate employment and permanent employment open for two weeks (14 days) and to consider reasonable extensions when requested.
  3. Ice Miller is committed to keeping law student applicants informed of their status by responding to all law student applicants and candidates who have interviewed with Ice Miller within one month in one of the following ways: (1) an invitation for an interview, (2) a request for more information or additional interviews or (3) a decline.
  4. Ice Miller is committed to collaborating with law student candidates to schedule interviews that minimize disruption to their academic commitments to the extent reasonably possible.
  5. Ice Miller is committed to recruiting law students from all backgrounds and to providing a recruiting process free from discrimination and harassment. Ice Miller is committed to a culture of inclusion and will treat all law student candidates with respect, will value their authentic selves, and will make any accommodations necessary to enable all candidates to fully participate in the recruiting process. 

Ice Miller values an open and transparent relationship with all law student candidates and wants students to feel comfortable communicating with the Firm. Therefore, the Firm has the following Expectations of Candidates in a Fair and Reasonable Recruiting Process:

  1. Ice Miller expects law student candidates to communicate openly, promptly, and with the desire to allow the Firm to accommodate them and respond to them. Applicants to Ice Miller should feel comfortable discussing their interests, concerns, options, and questions.
  2. Ice Miller expects law student candidates to provide candid, accurate, and current information about themselves during the recruiting process.  
  3. Ice Miller expects law student candidates to withdraw all pending applications, to cancel all upcoming interviews, and to honor their commitment to the Firm upon accepting an offer of employment from it. Ice Miller further expects law student candidates to promptly withdraw from our recruiting process upon accepting an offer of employment from another employer.
  4. Ice Miller expects law student candidates to respond to communications from any member of the Firm in a timely fashion and to return necessary paperwork in a timely fashion.
  5. Ice Miller expects law student candidates to embrace the Firm’s culture of inclusion and to treat all Firm team members with respect.

Questions about our summer associate program can be directed to the Firm's Attorney Talent Manager, Cybele Smith.

Equal Employment Opportunity

Ice Miller is an equal opportunity employer. This means the Firm maintains a policy of employing, assigning, and advancing each individual on the basis of his or her own merit, without regard to race, color, religion, age, sex, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, veteran status, creed, marital status, citizenship status or any other unlawful factor. This commitment to equal opportunity applies to all aspects of employment, including selection, training, assignment, promotion, compensation, transfer, performance evaluation, administration of personnel policies, discipline, and discharge.

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