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Ice Miller Snapshot

350+ attorneys
Am Law 154th
Ranked 95th in profits per lawyer
Ranked 54th based on profit margin

Growth. Inclusion. Teamwork.

These are the key tenets of Ice Miller's culture. But how does that make us different? We're different because our culture is built on more than just a tagline. It's built on a sophisticated compensation system designed to reward the values we share.

How? Primarily because we do not use origination credit. Evaluations focus on contributions to the Firm as a whole. We embrace diversity and provide opportunities to talented attorneys from all backgrounds.

We collaborate across practice groups and across offices. Our attorneys cross-market services to clients throughout the Firm. 

We operate debt free.
  • Because of significant cash reserves, the Firm operates debt free.
  • No line of credit borrowing to fund partner draws.
  • No concentrations of risk. No client accounts for more than 2.2% of total fees. No partner accounts for more than 3.2% of revenue.
  • All leases non-recourse to the partners.
  • No unfunded pensions.
  • No debt.
Client Commitments
For more than 100 years, our attorneys have set the bar for best in class service. We're proud of our reputation as a service-oriented firm, and we do not hesitate to let clients know what to expect from us. That's why we created the Client Commitments. These Commitments set the tone for all our client interactions, internally and externally. Ask your recruiting partner for a copy of our Client Commitments.

We will be informed, responsive, effective, proactive and efficient.

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