Trump Card: How Ice Miller Helped Cardplatforms Protect Its Trademark

Cardplatforms issues Mastercard and Visa prepaid cards globally, and provides support solutions to prepaid card programs, whether operated by Cardplatforms or other program managers. The team specializes in delivering card programs, from concept to launch, then provides the supporting services for expanding, enhancing and maintaining them.
Cardplatforms LLC is a South Florida based prepaid card and prepaid support services company, founded in 2010 by technology, media, marketing, and banking executives. The Company maintains offices in Boca Raton, Florida for the US market; Panama City, Panama for the LATAM markets and in Manila, Philippines for the Asia Pacific markets.

A global market demands global protection
Cardplatforms LLC adopted the mark CREW CASH for its debit card service. The client then discovered that another company, CrewCash LLC, adopted the same mark and had filed an application for federal trademark registration. Cardplatforms LLC needed to protect its mark in the US and abroad.

Global protection now and in the future
Ice Miller worked with Cardplatforms LLC to discover that the company had been the first to use the mark in Florida. Ice Miller, armed with the evidence of first use, helped the client file suit in that state to successfully protect the mark.

As an international business, Cardplatforms LLC needed broader protection. Ice Miller recognized this need and coordinated international priority trademark filings through foreign counsel to secure Cardplatforms’ rights to the CREW CASH mark in other nations, including Greece, Cyprus, Panama, the Bahamas and the Philippines. Ice Miller also coordinated international priority trademark filing in Malawi as a preventative measure to give Cardplatforms a senior position in this country for the CREW CASH mark.

What does this mean for growing businesses?
Advanced technology creates more opportunities for more companies to enter the global marketplace. A business needs to consider its position in that marketplace now and in the future. A business may want to consider:

  • What are the marks currently in use?
  • Are those marks protected in markets where you currently do business?
  • Where should the mark be protected in advance of future growth?
The attorneys at Ice Miller understand the importance of applying a global perspective to the needs of each client. We work closely with our clients to help them protect their business assets and apply that protection in a proactive, growth-oriented manner.
For more information on international protection of trademarks and other intellectual property rights, contact Ice Miller partner Roger Gilcrest.
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