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Citizens Energy Group (Citizens) is headquartered in Indianapolis, IN, and together with its affiliates is a major provider of utility services to Marion County, Indianapolis and surrounding areas. Citizens was organized as a public charitable trust in 1887, but the assets were transferred to the city of Indianapolis, as successor trustee in 1935. It is one of the largest utilities in the nation operating as a public charitable trust.  Citizens was known until 2008 as Citizens Gas & Coke Utility and now consists of the following operating units and affiliates: Citizens Gas, Citizens Thermal, Citizens Water, CWA Authority, Inc. (Indianapolis Wastewater System) and Citizens Resources, which is in fact a wholly-owned subsidiary that was acquired by the trust in 1918.  The acquisition of the Indianapolis water and wastewater systems provided an opportunity to experience savings from the synergies of jointly operating all of these utility systems for the benefit of the inhabitants of the city of Indianapolis and ratepayers of the systems.

In March of 2014, Ice Miller represented two affiliates of Citizens in the acquisition of the City of Westfield, Indiana's water and wastewater systems, with a combined purchase price of approximately $91 Million.

In August of 2011, Citizens and CWA Authority, Inc. completed the purchase of the City of Indianapolis waterworks system and the City of Indianapolis wastewater system, which included the assumption of debt by Citizens associated with the waterworks system.  The aggregate purchase price for the systems was approximately $1.9 Billion. The transaction, at the time, was one of the largest utility acquisitions of its kind completed in the United States. Ice Miller represented Citizens and CWA Authority, Inc. in this transaction, including corporate and transaction, environmental, taxation, labor and employee benefits, and real estate matters. Ice Miller also served as bond counsel for the financings completed by Citizens and the CWA Authority, Inc. in order to finance the purchases.

In 2000, Ice Miller represented Citizens in its acquisition of the thermal energy division of Indianapolis Power and Light (IPL), including the Perry K Steam Plant and IPL's downtown Indianapolis steam distribution system. This transaction was one part of a multi-faceted strategy to enhance Citizens' ability to provide other energy services, in addition to what was then its traditional focus on natural gas and energy products. The combined value of the investments made by Citizens in thermal energy properties was over $162 million.

Ice Miller led these acquisitions by utilizing a cross-functional approach and integrating professionals from multiple practice areas within the firm.

Ice Miller continues to represent and counsel Citizens and its affiliates by providing various services aimed at helping Citizens achieve its vision to serve the residents of Indianapolis with unparalleled excellence and integrity. 
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