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An affiliate of Ice Miller LLP

InfraSolutions LLC provides early stage and life cycle guidance for public-private partnerships (P3), public-public partnerships (P2) and other non-traditional project financing and delivery structures. We make the journey with our clients from the very conceptual stages of a P3 or other alternative structure, and our advice is always anchored by our clients’ ultimate strategic and financial objectives. We help you build the relationships you want, secure the financing you need and craft the type of deal that makes sense for your circumstances.

Learn more about Our Approach below. In a nutshell, we help you think strategically about your goals, vet thoroughly the possible financing and delivery options for your project and structure creatively a deal that will best account for your project’s unique risk, reward and results profile.

Learn more about Our Services below. As early stage and life cycle P3/P2 consultants, our services include concept development and diligence, deal planning and structuring, partner and financing vetting and detailed procurement planning for alternative project delivery.

Our team of consultants provides consulting and strategic advisory services to public sector clients, including higher education institutions and state and local governments as well as private sector investors, developers and solution providers. We focus our services in the higher education, transportation infrastructure and technology/broadband/urban mobility/ CAV markets. With a core presence in Indianapolis, Indiana; Columbus, Ohio; and Chicago, Illinois, the InfraSolutions team members can serve clients across the nation.

The InfraSolutions Team’s collective and collaborative experience in these areas means we can help our clients achieve a leading edge from the very start. We believe that investing in careful and strategic planning on the front-end of a project enables our clients to structure an effective and efficient transaction from day one, thus increasing the chances of smooth project operations, successful service delivery and financially rewarding outcomes.

Our Approach: Think Strategically, Vet Thoroughly, Structure Creatively

InfraSolutions consulting services, offered in concert with our client’s financial and municipal advisors, span the life cycle of a project. We help our clients evaluate and develop alternative procurement and project delivery systems, as well as the best partnerships to bring the project to fruition.

After a thorough strategic evaluation of goals, constraints, resources and risk-bearing, we work with our clients to conduct a rigorous vetting of potential transaction models, often in partnership with a financial or municipal advisor. We make recommendations on transaction structure and partners accordingly, including a pathway to successful procurement. From there, we work with our client to assemble the necessary resources – financial, legal and technical – to move the deal forward.

More specifically, we focus on:

  • evaluating end goals and institutional constraints and resources,
  • assessing risk tolerance and capabilities,
  • conducting comprehensive due diligence,
  • exploring viable and rewarding structures to achieve those goals,
  • assembling a team of specialist advisors as necessary,
  • vetting potential transaction partners,
  • designing and implementing a custom procurement process, and
  • structuring project work-outs with attorneys, if and when necessary.
Our Services: Concept Development, Deal Structuring, Partner Vetting and Procurement Planning

Early Phase I: Pre-Procurement Concept Development & Strategic Project Planning
This phase begins with a detailed and comprehensive analysis of the nature and scope of the desired projects. The analysis includes consideration of the various project delivery options which may be available, including:
  • Traditional design-bid-build
  • Design-build
  • Construction-manager-at-risk
  • Build-operate-transfer (BOT)
  • Design-build-finance (DBF) (transfer upon completion)
  • Design-build-finance-operate-maintain (DBFOM) (transfer after period of private operation)
The more complex the project, and the further removed the project delivery and financing are from traditional norms, the more questions and considerations. Tapping expert strategic advice in the concept stages becomes even more important in this context.

Early Phase 2: Tailored Procurement Process and Procedures
Armed with valuable strategic and financial analysis early on, our clients call on us to design a customized procurement process in order to produce the optimal results identified in the pre-procurement planning. InfraSolutions balances multiple considerations when creating a tailored procurement process, addressing both legal requirements and business needs. An expertly tailored procurement process will incentivize thoughtful, aggressive and innovative responses that remove unnecessary barriers to bidding while protecting the owner’s interests in terms of risk, need and reputation.
Contact us for a complimentary initial consultation to discuss your goals.

Disclaimer | Not Legal Services  
The consulting services provided by InfraSolutions do not include performance of legal research, legal analysis or advice, or any other services which may involve the practice of law. InfraSolutions is not a law firm and does not practice law or provide legal services or legal advice. Accordingly, InfraSolutions may not be hired as a law firm or represent clients as legal counsel.

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