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An affiliate of Ice Miller LLP
Providing Comprehensive Project Financing and Incentives Procurement & Management
The comprehensive project services at Strategus include leadership and experience in the obtaining and/or facilitating both:
  • Traditional and nontraditional financing sources, and 
  • Federal, state and local economic development incentives.
Strategus provides clients with a streamlined point of contact for the entire project financing and incentives lifecycle. We assist with the analysis, planning, structuring, development and implementation of your complete financing and incentives package.
Our approach to every project is based upon our unique Strategic Innovation Philosophy: 
  1. Developing and implementing a Solid Strategy is key to achieving success.
  2. Innovation is a critical to creating the additional value our clients want.
  3. A Lifetime Commitment to developing and implementing solid strategies and innovation is what we bring to what we do every day.
We first build a solid foundation.  From there, our comprehensive project management team can identify and add specific layers of creative financing and sophisticated incentives to ensure that the end results meet your defined needs.
Access to Strategus will be to your advantage when you are considering one of the following “Triggering Events”: 
  • Making any additional capital investment (e.g.  new building expansion, new equipment, building acquisition, building restoration, environmental remediation, infrastructure)
  • Making research & development expenditures
  • Considering an efficiency project investment
  • Considering a renewable energy project investment
  • Adding any new jobs
  • Implementing any workforce training initiatives
  • Relocating, expanding or consolidating any business operations (job retention/job relocation)
  • Considering a merger or acquisition (job retention/relocation)
  • Approaching a new or expiring building lease (job retention/job relocation)
  • Approaching a significant location closure (job retention/ job relocation)
Strategus can serve as a one stop shop for innovation and creativity to help make your next “triggering event” a success. 
Disclaimer | Not Legal Services  
The consulting services provided by Strategus do not include performance of legal research, legal analysis or advice, or any other services which may involve the practice of law. Strategus is not a law firm and does not practice law or provide legal services or legal advice.  Accordingly, Strategus may not be hired as a law firm or represent clients as legal counsel. 
Learn more about how Strategus can bring your project to life at
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