Food and Agribusiness

Ice Miller's Food and Agribusiness Group includes attorneys and agribusiness specialists with a variety of backgrounds across the Midwest and Washington D.C. We represent food and agriculture companies across the country while monitoring the issues facing the industry. Our team stays engaged with industry leaders, companies and organizations. 

Managing Risk in Today's Food and Agricultural Industry Requires New and Innovative Services

Managing risk is critically important to the food and agriculture industry.  Farm operations and agricultural businesses today expect more from their advisors to help mitigate risk.  Ice Miller understands the market, business, technical, and government policy and regulatory risks facing agriculture.  We help our clients: 

  • Analyze and evaluate new and even non-traditional business partnerships and ventures
  • Identify new and diversified sources of financing
  • Protect and adopt innovative technologies
  • Protect significant assets, innovations and brands
  • Develop transition plans for the next generation of their business
  • Interpret and influence state and federal policies and regulations

Understanding Your Business

Ice Miller understands and tailors its services to the unique needs of each client, and draws on the firm's depth of experience to serve clients in the food and agriculture industry.  Our attorneys also know that food and agricultural businesses may require different legal services depending on their size, strategic focus, customer base and geographic reach.  We consistently monitor and analyze the market, business and policy developments that affect our clients.

The Ice Miller Food and Agribusiness Group serves a variety of clients in the food and agribusiness industry, including: 

  • Agricultural equipment manufacturers and dealers
  • Agricultural finance and equity capital providers
  • Animal health innovators
  • Cooperatives
  • Farm operators
  • Food technology companies and processors
  • Grain handlers and processors
  • Input providers – seed, chemical and fertilizer producers and distributors
  • Livestock and dairy producers and processors
  • Renewable energy producers, including biofuels, wind and other energy sources
  • Restaurants
  • Transportation firms and distributors

A Culture of Hard Work and Collaboration

Agriculture's deep-rooted culture is built on hard work, loyalty, teamwork and respect. These same qualities that make American agriculture great also define Ice Miller’s culture and commitment to build, protect and grow our clients' businesses.  We respect your business needs and will work where you need us most.  We build teams of attorneys for each client to ensure that all the relevant issues and legal options are considered.  Ice Miller's connections to and relationships with leaders in the agricultural industry run deep; from agribusiness, trade associations, and academia to local, state and federal government.  Our industry connections allow us to facilitate new, collaborative relationships for clients.

Representative Clients

Representative Experience

  • Agribusiness Council of Indiana.  Ice Miller's director of agribusiness strategies serves as president of ACI and provides executive and strategic direction for key initiatives and represents ACI at state, regional and national industry gatherings.  Ice Miller's Public Affairs Group closely monitors and informs members on key state and federal issues, and represents ACI before the Indiana General Assembly and other key regulatory agencies. Ice Miller also coordinates efforts with ACI's national affiliates, including CropLife America, The Fertilizer Institute, American Seed Trade Association, Ag Retailers Association, National Grain and Feed Association, and American Feed Industry Association, to provide support on important policy and regulatory issues.
  • CLAAS.  Ice Miller has worked closely with CLAAS of America, Claas Omaha Inc., and their parent company, Claas KGaA for over two decades, helping them on a wide variety of legal matters throughout North America including advice on distributor agreements, product liability and warranty claims, labor issues, and general risk management.
  • CountryMark.  Ice Miller represents CountryMark on policy and regulatory issues at both the state and federal level.  Our attorneys have also assisted with a major biofuels grant submission to the U.S. Department of Energy as well as corporate representation on the acquisition of assets of a Midwestern oil and gas exploration and production company.  

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