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Ice Miller's Environmental Practice Group helps clients and their communities grow their futures - no matter how big or small.

Environmental law is a complex system of interrelated statutes, regulations, guidelines, administrative rulings and judicial decisions designed to protect public health and the environment while balancing society's interest in economic growth.

Most businesses and communities encounter environmental challenges at one time or another, and for some environmental issues are a daily concern. To protect and grow your business or community, you need environmental lawyers with a deep knowledge of our complex system of federal, state and local environmental laws and broad experience preventing and solving environmental issues.


Webinar Series

Ice Miller’s Environmental Practice Group proudly hosted a series of educational webinars to explain some of the complexities of environmental law. Links to each webinar recording and the accompanying PowerPoint slides are linked below. We hope you will use these to learn more and prepare to grow your future.
Solving the Brownfield Problem: Liability Insurance and Environmental Cost Recovery Claims
Presented by Brent Huber and Angela Krahulik
This webinar, recorded on October 15, 2018, introduced the issue of brownfields and covered funding sources; cost recovery mechanisms under federal, state and common law; discussed collecting judgments and insurance recovery; and finally, site selection and clean-up standards.

Webinar Recording | PowerPoint Slides


Environmental Due Diligence Basics
Presented by Freedom Smith
This webinar, recorded on October 29, 2018, provided an overview of the environmental issues that commonly arise in real estate and other transactions and the general environmental laws that impact the due diligence process. We also address how different types of site assessments are used to identify environmental liability concerns; follow-up investigations; proper handling of soil, groundwater and soil vapor contamination findings; the availability of liability assurances and best practices to limit liability; and attorney-client considerations.

Webinar Recording | PowerPoint Slides

The Responsible Corporate Officer Doctrine and EHS Personnel
Presented by Freedom Smith and Don Snemis
This webinar, recorded on November 5, 2018, provided an overview of “responsible corporate officer” doctrine; how governmental regulators and prosecutors use the “responsible corporate officer” doctrine in actions against company officials, including health and safety officers; the doctrine’s deeply punitive implications; and steps businesses and their managers can take to minimize strict liability exposure.

Webinar Recording | PowerPoint Slides


What to Do When an Inspector Shows Up
Presented by Tom Dimond, Freedom Smith and Don Snemis 
With a plethora of investigative agencies that may show up at your company’s door, it is important to understand the purpose of a visit from a governmental agency (i.e. OSHA, EPA, etc.) and to take action during the inspection to place your company in a favorable legal position. This webinar, recorded on November 12, 2018, addressed what to expect should your facility be inspected and how to adequately prepare for an inspection.

Webinar Recording | PowerPoint Slides


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Meet Our Team

Ice Miller's Environmental Practice Group has helped companies and municipalities develop strategies for mitigating environmental risks, stay in compliance with environmental laws, defend enforcement actions, work with environmental regulators, solve permitting issues, exercise due diligence in the context of large corporate mergers, redevelop brownfields, respond to environmental disasters, pursue and defend complex environmental lawsuits, deal with insurance companies when coverage for environmental liabilities is in question and defend class action lawsuits involving exposure to toxic waste. 

We have been helping our clients solve environmental challenges for many years, and we can help you as well.
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