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Ice Miller Start-Up Package

Package Overview

Transitioning an idea into a fully functional business is a complex process that requires a proper foundation and advice to be successful. With all the costs associated with commercializing an idea, some founders forgo initial legal assistance in an attempt to cut costs only to expose themselves to greater legal costs and potential personal liability in the future. Ice Miller understands the limited resources that are available to founders of start-up companies and has developed the Ice Miller Start-Up Package to enable you to put in place the proper legal foundation for your business without diverting vital financial resources away from the development of your business. Through the Ice Miller Start-Up Package, attorneys at Ice Miller will work with you to determine and establish the type of entity and capital structure that best suits your company's growing needs so that you can move forward with your business legally protected and with the proper foundation.

Business Formation Process

Ice Miller attorneys will walk you through the business formation process, identifying all the major decisions that you should make at this critical juncture.  Forming your business not only helps to protect your personal assets from creditors, but can provide you with greater business flexibility, potential tax advantages and ability to engage potential investors. 

Included Documents and Services

The Ice Miller Start-up Package provides you with everything needed to form your business as a legal entity and to ensure that your organizational structure is respected. In addition, the Ice Miller Start-Up Package includes additional documents that are useful in the operation of your business. You also get the benefit of qualified legal assistance that can explain the purpose of each document and help guide you in setting up your business in the manner that best suits your needs. The Ice Miller Start-Up Package includes the following documents and services:
  • Name search in the state of organization
  • Articles of Incorporation/Organization (including filing of such Articles in the state of organization)
  • Action by the Incorporator/Organizer
  • Bylaws/Operating Agreement
  • Initial organizational consents of shareholders/directors (corporation) or members/managers (limited liability company)
  • Restricted Stock/Unit Purchase Agreement/Subscription Agreement
  • Filing for a federal ID (tax) number
  • Preparation and issuance of stock certificates
  • Preparation of a form of non-disclosure agreement (NDA)
  • Preparation of a form of confidentiality and inventions assignment agreement for employees and contractors
  • One hour of legal consultation based on area of need (i.e. tax, employee benefits, intellectual property, etc.)

No Hidden Costs

There are no hidden costs in the Ice Miller Start-Up Package. The preparation of the documents, filing fees and time and attention of our experienced lawyers are built into the flat fee of the package so you know the cost upfront and can budget for it in your initial business expenses. It is important to note that any additional documents that you may want prepared or advice needed in other legal areas would be at our normal hourly rates. Please contact us for an exact quote.

We look forward to providing you with the legal experience to help you establish your business at a cost you can afford.  

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