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Informed Employer: Employee GPS Tracking—There's an app for that, but does it come at a cost? Informed Employer: Employee GPS Tracking—There's an app for that, but does it come at a cost?

Informed Employer: Employee GPS Tracking—There's an app for that, but does it come at a cost?

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Supreme Court Holds Employers to Account for High 401(k) Fees
In a move that could brighten retirement prospects for millions of Americans, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that employers have a duty to keep watch over 401(k) plans to guard against high management fees that can erode retirement savings. A unanimous high court said that employers can be sued if they fail in their "continuing duty to monitor" mutual funds in 401(k) accounts for unnecessarily high fees, potentially shaking up the $5.8-trillion market for administering the plans.
(Source: Los Angeles Times, 2015-05-18) Read the full article
Employers Plan to Adjust 401(k) Plans in Coming Years
Many employers are tweaking their 401(k) investment options, typically reducing the number of funds available and adding low-cost index fund options. They're also increasingly looking for ways to convince workers to save more and make more appropriate investment decisions.
(Source: U.S. News & World Report, 2015-05-18) Read the full article
Firms Consider Genetic Testing to Keep Track of Workers' Health
Employers may one day help determine if employees' genes are why their jeans have become too snug. Big companies are considering blending genetic testing with coaching on nutrition and exercise to help workers lose weight and improve their health before serious conditions like diabetes or heart disease develop.
(Source: Insurance Journal, 2015-05-07) Read the full article
Workers' Comp Industry Faces Changes from On-Demand Economy
The workers' compensation industry must contend with a fast-growing on-demand economy where jobs are filled via apps and more employees are temporary contractors. Dr. Robert Hartwig, president of the Insurance Information Institute (I.I.I.), said the on-demand economy that includes temporary drivers, laborers, property owners-turned-landlords and independent professionals is transforming the American workforce and the insurance industry.
(Source: Insurance Journal, 2015-05-15) Read the full article
Businesses Warned of Cybersecurity Risks in Hiring Process
Businesses that are looking to hire employees make great targets for hackers, so, whether you are an entrepreneur running a small business, the HR director of a large multi-national firm, or someone looking for a job, you should be aware of the following: The hiring process is inherently risky. Businesses need to expend time and money searching for appropriate, qualified candidates -- sometimes under pressure to fill a particular position or set of positions before some deadline.
(Source:, 2015-05-15) Read the full article
DOL Charts Show Deadliest Jobs in America
The U.S. Department of Labor tracks how many people die at work, and why. Some of the results may surprise you.
(Source: Bloomberg, 2015-05-13) Read the full article
Report Finds Older Employees Bring Advantages to Workforce
A recent report by the AARP, "A Business Case for Workers Age 50+," found older employees bring several advantages to companies, including experience, professionalism, knowledge, a strong work ethic, and a low turnover. The report also projected that 35 percent of the U.S. workforce will be 50 or older by 2022.
(Source:, 2015-05-15) Read the full article
Employee GPS Tracking: There's an app for that, but does it come at a cost?

Courtney King

With the touch of a smartphone app, we now have instant access to otherwise inaccessible information. Like the rest of society, employers frequently take advantage of the benefits of recent technological advances. Many companies now provide employees with cell phones, laptops, or other electronic devices to increase efficiency. Certain apps allow employees to clock-in and out from their smartphones, communicate with supervisors and clients, and participate in meetings from remote locations via video conferencing software. Some employers—particularly employers with field or mobile employees—also use smartphone apps to monitor employee productivity and performance during work hours. Utilizing GPS tracking to monitor employees' on-duty conduct is not uncommon. However, a recently filed lawsuit presents questions about the balance between an employer's right to monitor and an employee's right to privacy.

Read the full article here.


International Travel and the New ‘CBP Border Wait Time’ App
Jenifer Brown Lindsay Ramsey

As we begin the summer travel season, we remind foreign national travelers to be prepared and plan ahead for security and admission procedures with U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP). Click here to learn a few things to keep in mind and confirm prior to your international travel.

Indiana Wage and Hour Seminar

Ice Miller is proud to present the 2015 Wage and Hour Seminar on July 23 at the Indiana Chamber Conference Center.

This seminar will cover a wide variety of timely topics such as:

Wage & Hour Hot Topics
Calculation of Overtime
Compensable Working Time
Payment of Wages

Full agenda here. To register for the event, click here. When registering online or on the phone, use code 2211 to receive an Ice Miller discount.


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