Informed Employer: Mentoring Cuts Both Ways in the Workplace Informed Employer: Mentoring Cuts Both Ways in the Workplace

Informed Employer: Mentoring Cuts Both Ways in the Workplace

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OSHA Resources Aim to Prevent Health Care Workplace Violence
New online resources may help prevent health care workplace violence, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has said. Its new webpage, titled "Preventing Workplace Violence in Healthcare," is set as a companion guide for OSHA's workplace violence guidelines, updated earlier this year.
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Workers Prefer Using Private Exchanges to Pick Health Benefits
The private exchange, which allows employees to navigate health benefits through an online portal, is catching fire among the nation's employers as it slows health care costs by putting more decisions into the hands of workers. A private exchange works by giving employees a menu of choices with a general idea of costs.
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Workers' Generation, Gender Dictate Benefits' Preferences
New research from MassMutual finds that preferences for healthcare insurance, retirement savings, vacation and other benefits largely hinge upon workers' generation and gender, complicating benefit choices for employers. Baby Boomers (ages 50-70) and Millennials or Generation Y (ages 15-35) opt for more time off from work while Generation X (ages 36-49) favors richer retirement benefits, according to the study.
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Paid Paternal Leave Remains Industry-Specific, Experts Say
Facebook's paternal leave announcement follows similar policies by other multinational corporations, mainly in the tech sector, although non-tech giants like Johnson & Johnson and Credit Suisse have joined the movement too. Yet the question remains whether parental leave will remain a niche perk for highly competitive employers or a widespread corporate benefit trend.
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Treasury Department Launches No-Fee 'My Retirement Account'
About 55 million American workers don't have access to retirement plans at their workplaces, and some who do may not like their choices, but there's a new kid on the savings block with an unbeatable feature: absolutely no fees. The myRA plan, or "my Retirement Account," is a no-fee retirement savings program that the Department of Treasury launched nationwide in October for low- and middle-income workers.
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Small Businesses Seek Creative Ways to Retain Best Talent
A record number of job openings, with worsening skill shortages and a tendency among young adults toward briefer tenures, is forcing small-business owners to find increasingly creative ways to hold onto their best and brightest. After rising in recent years, quit rates in private businesses held steady at just less than prerecession levels in 2015, but survey data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which looks at job openings and labor turnover by size of establishment, suggest that the number of employees voluntarily leaving small companies remains on the rise.
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Florida Rules Uber Drivers Independent Contractors, Not Employees
Florida's job agency has ruled that drivers for Uber and other app companies connecting passengers with rides are not entitled to employed benefits due to laid off workers. The Orlando Sentinel reports the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity ruled that drivers are independent contractors and not employees.
(Source: Insurance Journal, 2015-12-06) Read the full article
More Employers OK with Employees Shopping Online at Work
It may come as no surprise that many employees, particularly those with desk jobs, are taking time to shop online while at the office. While some may see the practice as a misuse of employer resources and time, more companies than ever are saying they're OK with employees conducting a few online errands during their shifts if it doesn't interfere with their work, according to a recent survey from staffing firm Robert Half).
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Mentoring Cuts Both Ways in the Workplace

Robert Weisman

For a variety of reasons, including the advancement of technology at the speed of light, the stability of the workforce has been dramatically impacted. Additionally, the inability or unwillingness of the Baby Boomer Generation to retire as early as they had in the past has created frustration and uncertainty among the new generation of employees when they consider their ability to advance within a company.

In an effort to address the desire of some companies to open up opportunities for advancement, they have considered and at times implemented voluntary employment retirement plans or equivalent incentives. However, there are risks attendant to instituting these programs. First, with the more senior generation of employees living longer with potentially inadequate savings, a more expensive incentive for them to seriously consider retirement is required. Additionally, there are typically individuals within the more senior group whose departure will be disadvantageous to maintaining effective ongoing operations.  These senior employees retain substantial institutional knowledge and have unique experience as a consequence of the positions they have held in the company. As a counter-balance, the company is also faced with the challenge of addressing those senior employees who remain inflexible despite the necessity to address the dynamics of the emerging workforce. To remain successful companies must adjust to their current market.

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Deck the Halls – But Forget the Mistletoe

Lawyers have a reputation for being party-poopers. But this time of year we are especially called on to be Grinches of workplace fun. It could be, perhaps, that our shoes are too tight. Or it could be that our heads aren't screwed on just right. But the most likely reason of all ... is definitely not that our hearts are two sizes too small (because everybody knows lawyers don't have hearts). The truth is, we hate fun because we care – we want to see each and every one of our clients and their employees make it safely through the holidays.

So, here are some tips if you're hosting holiday events or just encouraging a little goofing off in the holiday spirit.

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H-1B Employees and Changes in Location of Employment

On-the-job travel and employment at remote worksites are routine in today’s workplace. For employers of H-1B workers, it is important to know the rules regarding employee movement to ensure compliance with immigration regulations and to not subject your company and employee to risk, which may limit eligibility for future immigration benefits and even result in debarment from the H-1B program.

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