Informed Employer: They Are Coming: Final White Collar Overtime Regulations Advance Informed Employer: They Are Coming: Final White Collar Overtime Regulations Advance

Informed Employer: They Are Coming: Final White Collar Overtime Regulations Advance

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Enrollment in HSAs Increasing, While Employer Contributions Fall
Since 2014, HSA enrollment has increased 10.7 percent, according to new survey data from United Benefit Advisors. The survey of more than 10,000 employer-sponsored health plans finds that, overall, enrollment in HSAs is increasing, while employer contributions, on average, are stagnant or decreasing.
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Court Rules Atheists Entitled to 'Religious' Beliefs in Workplace
Employers have to reasonably accommodate their employees' religious beliefs and practices. But what if the worker happens to be an atheist? Is he also entitled to reasonable accommodation of his beliefs?
(Source: Business Management Daily, 2016-03-09) Read the full article
Dependent Audits Can Help Employers Rein in Health Care Costs
Reining in medical costs is an ongoing issue for employer clients, and one way to address rising costs is to ensure everyone who is on the health plan is eligible to receive those benefits.
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More Companies Asking Workers Whether They're Gay
Are you gay? JPMorgan Chase & Co.'s human resources department is asking employees for the first time this year if they'd like to disclose their sexual orientation or gender identity, and companies including Facebook, Deutsche Bank, IBM and AT&T also collect the data.
(Source: Bloomberg, 2016-03-08) Read the full article
70% of Adults Say They've Experienced Workplace Discrimination
More than half of U.S. adults say they have experienced discrimination at the workplace, from police or in other situations, a phenomenon linked to high stress levels and poor health, according to a study by the American Psychological Association. Almost 70 percent of adults say they have experienced discrimination and 61 percent say they have experienced it on a day-to-day basis in the form of poor service, threats, lack of courtesy or respect and the like, the association reports.
(Source: USA Today, 2016-03-10) Read the full article
Pay for CEOs 42% Higher for Firms with 'Insider' Chairpersons
Companies with "insider" chairpersons pay their chief executives a lot more than those with "outsider" chairpersons, according to a report by Institutional Shareholder Services, or ISS. The firm analyzed data from S&P 500 companies and found that compensation over a three-year period was 42 percent higher on average for CEOs that had an insider chairperson (excluding those in a combined role), than for CEOs of companies whose board was chaired by an independent outsider.
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Study Quantifies Benefit of Employers Paying Back Student Debt
Companies that pay back student debt for their employees are part of the hottest thing in benefits right now, but how much does the benefit actually save student debtors? About three years and $4,100 in payments for the typical undergrad with a bachelor's degree, a new study finds.
(Source: Bloomberg, 2016-03-02) Read the full article
As Generation Z Enters Workforce, Changes Unknown
In 2016, 3.6 million baby boomers will retire, one fourth of millennial workers will become managers, and "Generation Z" (those born in 1994-2010) will be entering the workforce. How will this change the workplace?
(Source: The Huffington Post, 2016-03-11) Read the full article
Companies' March Madness Costs Could Reach $1.3B Per Hour
The 2016 NCAA Tournament is set to begin and according to Challenger, Gray and Christmas the tournament could cost up to $1.3 billion per hour in the opening week of the tournament. A survey of the 2015 tournament done by found that 15 percent of workers planned to participate in March Madness office pools.
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They Are Coming: Final White Collar Overtime Regulations Advance

Tami Earnhart

The Department of Labor (DOL) has now completed its final regulations on the white collar exemptions to overtime under the Fair Labor Standards Act. The DOL submitted the final regulations to the Office of Management and Budget on March 14, 2016 for review and approval. DOL representatives have stated in recent presentations that the goal is for publication to occur in July. The plan is for the final regulations to be effective by the end of the year. With the use of an effective date 60 days after publication, it is possible that the final regulations will be effective before the Presidential election in November (and possibly near Labor Day).

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After Justice Scalia: Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association

Kelly Boggs-Lape

In Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association, argued before the Supreme Court on Jan. 11, 2016, the Supreme Court will decide whether or not a state may permit a public sector union to compel a “fair share” fee from employees who do not elect to become union members.
For the past 30 years, the Supreme Court has held that public sector unions could not charge dues for political or ideological activities, but, as a compromise for the public good and to prevent “free riders,” could continue to charge non-members “fair-share” fees to cover the costs of contract negotiation, grievance management and benefits administration. (This principle had applied to workers in the private sector since the 1950s.)

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Last Call for H-1B Cap Petitions

Kristin Kelley

Time is running out to prepare H-1B petitions to make the annual cap! On April 1, 2016, USCIS will begin accepting petitions for H-1B temporary workers for Fiscal Year 2017. If approved, H-1B status will become effective no earlier than October 1, 2016. There are only 65,000 new H-1B visas available each fiscal year (with an additional 20,000 reserved for foreign nationals with a U.S. master's degree or higher). Employers who want to sponsor foreign professionals should initiate H-1B petition processing now.

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