Public Affairs Group Newsletter—Summer Study Committees Public Affairs Group Newsletter—Summer Study Committees

Public Affairs Group Newsletter—Summer Study Committees

This summer and fall, while the Indiana General Assembly is not in session, interim committees and commissions will convene to conduct in-depth research and analysis on complex issues facing Indiana. Recommendations formed by these committees will be included in proposed legislation likely to be considered during the next legislative session which will begin in January 2013. Most committees must complete their work by November 2012.

The Legislative Council met recently and approved a resolution accepting the following topics for study in 2012:

  • Interim Study Committee on Agriculture
    • Obstacles to local food production, processing, and distribution in Indiana
    • Encouragement for farmers and residents to produce, process, and distribute locally grown food
  • Census Data Advisory Committee
    • Ballot security for an absentee ballot transmitted to and from a voter by mail
    • Connection of the statewide voter registration list established under IC 3-7-26.3 and files maintained by the department of revenue
  • Criminal Law and Sentencing Policy Study Committee
    • The provisions of IC 24-4-18 concerning criminal history providers and the need for any legislation to amend IC 24-4-18 before IC 24-4-18 takes effect on July 1
    • The sex and violent offender registry
  • Department of Child Services Interim Study Committee
    • This committee will have a very full agenda. View a full list of study committee topics
  • Select Commission on Education
    • The feasibility of establishing a process by which residents of a part of an existing school corporation may elect to disannex from an existing school corporation and either annex to another existing school corporation or establish a new school corporation
    • The process of adoption and content of rules adopted by the Indiana state board of education concerning categories or designations of school improvement including the matrices used for the A-F designations
    • Proposed rules, adopted rules, and policies of the department of education and the Indiana state board of education to implement the provisions of P.L.90-2011, concerning teacher evaluations and licensing
  • Environmental Quality Service Council
    • The powers of solid waste management districts to:
      • (1) Establish and issue permits; and
      • (2) Impose and collect fees that are not specifically authorized by a statute
  • Health Finance Commission
  • Indiana Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations
    • Appropriate roles and responsibilities of the state, counties, municipalities, townships and other political subdivisions in providing 911 and enhanced 911 services in Indiana
  • Commission on Mental Health and Addiction
    • Whether prosecuting attorneys should be allowed to file a petition alleging that a child is a child in need of services under IC 31-34-1-6
    • Involuntary commitment of persons with substance use disorders, including the following:
      • (1) Whether the involuntary commitment statute is underutilized;
      • (2) Whether the state should inform the public, law enforcement and the judiciary of the current Indiana laws on involuntary commitment; and
      • (3) Whether the state has adequate resources to provide treatment for persons with substance use disorders
  • Outdoor Stage Equipment Safety Committee
    • Regulating the use of outdoor stage equipment in Indiana for the purpose of protecting the safety of persons at an outdoor performance
  • Pension Management Oversight Committee
  • Interim Study Committee on Special Group Recognition License Places
    • Policies and procedures concerning the issuance of special group recognition license plates
  • Commission on State Tax and Financing Policy
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