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Venture Briefing: New C-Suite Phishing Scam Targeting Businesses Venture Briefing: New C-Suite Phishing Scam Targeting Businesses

Venture Briefing: New C-Suite Phishing Scam Targeting Businesses

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Volcker Rule Could Boost Lending to Small Businesses
Small business owners occupied with holiday sales and closing out their 2013 books likely missed the December news about the approval of the Volcker Rule, but even though it didn't make big news in entrepreneurial circles, this rule could have an outsize impact on small businesses. That's because it may prod banks back into the traditional lending arena that many of them largely abandoned more than a decade ago.
(Source: Bloomberg Businessweek, 2014-01-31) Read the full article
VC’s Expect 2014 to be Good Year for Startups Raising Money
Venture capitalists think 2014 will be a good year for young startup companies looking to raise money, although concerns remain over a shortfall of funds flowing into the venture capital industry. The rosy prediction comes after venture capital investing nationwide increased seven percent to $29 billion last year.
(Source: U-T San Diego, 2014-01-23) Read the full article
Study Finds Companies' Restatements Harming Investor Relations
Companies that restate prior results due to accounting irregularities cause investors to tune out their future quarterly numbers, according to recently published academic research. How long they tune out, however, may be within the restating company's control.
(Source: The Wall Street Journal, 2014-01-30) Read the full article
New Company Providing Liquidity to Employees of Start-ups
With closely held start-ups commanding rich valuations, employees who hold shares in those companies are wealthy on paper, with few ways to access that wealth to buy a house or a car. While more established start-ups have imposed tight restrictions on their employees' ability to sell their shares, one young company is trying to get around these rules with a novel way to provide liquidity.
(Source: The New York Times, 2014-01-31) Read the full article
SEC to Scrutinize Asset Managers' Policies on Cyber Attacks
U.S. regulators said they plan to scrutinize whether asset managers have policies to prevent and detect cyber attacks and are properly safeguarding against security risks that could arise from vendors having access to their systems. The SEC's upcoming 2014 review of cyber security policies at asset managers will be conducted as part of the agency's routine examinations of investment advisers and investment companies, such as mutual funds.
(Source: Reuters, 2014-01-30) Read the full article
Global V.C. Investments in Wind Sector Soared 44.4% in 2013
Venture Capital investments in the wind energy sector surged 44.4 percent last year to $455 million globally. Meanwhile, large-scale project funding announced in 2013 totaled $18.1 billion in 114 deals. In comparison, 2012 saw project funding worth $14 billion in 72 deals.
(Source: The Economic Times, 2014-01-23) Read the full article
Private Equity Has Big Role Among Defense Industry
From 2004 to 2013, private equity invested more than $30 billion in 358 U.S. aerospace and defense companies, according to Pitchbook data supplied by the Private Equity Growth Capital Council. For a typically slow-moving industry such as contracting, private-equity investors can provide the money and motivation to help companies adapt and change.
(Source: The Washington Post (free reg. req'd), 2014-02-02) Read the full article
$8 Billion of P.E. Mining Funds Could Spur M&A Market
The world's mining assets may be the target of mergers and acquisitions as an $8 billion pool of private-equity money that has lain dormant is stirred this year by attractive valuations and predictions of resilient demand for raw materials. Some of the biggest names in the industry are keen to buy assets at the same time as the world's largest producers including Rio Tinto Group are shunning unwanted mines.
(Source: Bloomberg, 2014-02-03) Read the full article
SBA Trying to Increase Access to Small Loans for Businesses
The U.S. Small Business Administration, with limited success, has been trying to get its lenders to loan businesses $50,000 to $250,000. As a result, the SBA launched two pilot programs including the Small Loan Advantage and Community Advantage, which began in 2011, with the hope that banks will use them to satisfy the demand for very small loans without making too many bad ones.
(Source: Sarasota Herald-Tribune, 2014-02-03) Read the full article
Activist Investor Ralph Whitworth Called Nation's Best Board Member
Many corporations go into immediate defensive posture when an activist investor takes a significant stake in the company. However, that is often not the case when that activist investor is Ralph Whitworth, a 58-year-old who has served on the boards of 11 publicly traded companies.
(Source:, 2014-01-29) Read the full article
New C-Suite Phishing Scam Targeting Businesses


H. Alan Rothenbuecher Jonathon Groza

Businesses around the country, including some Ice Miller LLP clients, are reporting a rise in a new spear phishing scam, perpetrated through spam emails purportedly sent from CEOs to other C-suite executives. The scheme preys on the realities of today’s corporate culture in which smartphone-equipped employees are often expected to be available 24/7 and respond immediately when called to assist with urgent matters. Read full article online.


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Thirty-seven percent of new business owners said they had encountered no difficulties in forming or running their companies, a 3 percentage point decrease from 2012.
Source: report Who Started New Business in 2013


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