Venture Briefing: A Breach, or Not a Breach? If That Is the Question, Encryption May Be the Answer Venture Briefing: A Breach, or Not a Breach? If That Is the Question, Encryption May Be the Answer

Venture Briefing: A Breach, or Not a Breach? If That Is the Question, Encryption May Be the Answer

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Supreme Court Rules Against Patent Owners in Two Cases
The U.S. Supreme Court ruled against patent holders in two cases, rejecting a legal theory used to sue technology companies and requiring patents to be written with more specific language. The rulings come in a Supreme Court term heavy with patent cases as the justices look for ways to curb what companies such as Google and Cisco Systems say is rampant abuse by some patent owners.
(Source: Bloomberg, 2014-06-02) Read the full article
V.C. Investment Returns Continue Impressive Performance
A new report suggests that venture capital investment returns -- especially very short and very long ones -- might not be as gloomy as some previous reports have suggested. The National Venture Capital Association (NVCA) released numbers showing that the last quarter of 2013 was another strong one for venture capital performance.
(Source: Venture Beat, 2014-05-29) Read the full article
Venture Capitalists Find Themselves Competing with Crowdfunding
With venture capitalists pumping nearly $10 billion into deals in the first quarter, it's hard to imagine VCs becoming obsolete anytime soon. But with more entrepreneurs turning to crowdfunding -- equity crowdfunding, in particular -- VCs have to work harder than ever to get in on the ground floor with start-ups, and some are falling behind.
(Source: CNBC, 2014-06-09) Read the full article
Leveraged Buyout Defaults Continue in 2014
Is the hangover from the leveraged buyout boom that took place prior to the financial crisis finally here? The bankruptcy filing of Energy Future Holdings has not only raised high-yield default rates for U.S. companies; it also means there have now been 10 LBO-related company defaults in 2014, one shy of the total for 2013.
(Source:, 2014-06-04) Read the full article
Bill to Extend $85B in Tax Breaks Unlikely Until After Elections
An effort to renew $85 billion in tax breaks for individuals and businesses is stalled in the U.S. Senate until after the November congressional elections, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said. The legislation contains a mix of 50 temporary tax breaks, known in Congress as "tax extenders," that expired at the end of 2013 and would be renewed through 2015.
(Source: Reuters, 2014-06-04) Read the full article
Many Firms Say Cyber Insurance Difficult to Purchase
Specialized policies to protect against online attacks are offered by about 50 carriers -- including big names like the American International Group, Chubb and Ace -- and as data breaches have become a reality of the business world more companies are buying policies; demand increased 21 percent last year from 2012, according to Marsh, a risk management company and insurance broker. Yet companies say it is difficult to get as much coverage as they need, leaving them vulnerable to uncertain losses.
(Source: The New York Times, 2014-06-08) Read the full article
Family Offices Capitalizing on Private Equity Trends
A deal illustrates a recent trend among family offices, the little-known money managers that run the fortunes of the world's richest individuals including computer maker Michael Dell and Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, to team up with likeminded peers for direct investments in companies. They're trading in some of their traditional secrecy, pooling assets and knowledge to make venture capital and private-equity deals much like buyout firms do in so-called club deals, while circumventing the fees charged by those firms.
(Source: Bloomberg, 2014-05-28) Read the full article
More Types of Companies Requiring Workers to Sign Non-Competes
Noncompete clauses are now appearing in far-ranging fields beyond the worlds of technology, sales and corporations with tightly held secrets, where the curbs have traditionally been used. From event planners to chefs to investment fund managers to yoga instructors, employees are increasingly required to sign agreements that prohibit them from working for a company's rivals.
(Source: The New York Times, 2014-06-08) Read the full article
Minority Entrepreneurs Face Tougher Time Getting Financing
It's not news that black and Hispanic small business owners have a harder time finding financing than white businessmen, but a Journal of Consumer Research paper offers insights into how entrepreneurs experience the process of seeking new capital.
(Source: Bloomberg Businessweek, 2014-05-30) Read the full article
Startup Accelerator Programs Proving Boost for Tech Companies
Competition among startup accelerator programs is intensifying as a flood of new players enter the field, including real-estate firm Milstein Properties, sponsor of Grand Central Tech, and more recently, even the U.S. Small Business Administration. Today there are an estimated 300 to 2,000 accelerator and incubator programs world-wide.
(Source: The Wall Street Journal, 2014-06-04) Read the full article
A Breach, or Not a Breach? If That Is the Question, Encryption May Be the Answer

Since the passage of the HITECH (Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health) Act in 2009, the unauthorized disclosure of protected health information (PHI) continues to be a significant risk for health care providers and patients. Read full guide online.


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According to the most recent research, through 2012 private equity funds worldwide have distributed more than $1.4 trillion to limited partner investors.
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