Venture Briefing: August 9, 2017 Venture Briefing: August 9, 2017

Venture Briefing: August 9, 2017

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2017 IPO Market Looking More Humdrum Than 2016 So Far
The IPO market isn't looking much more vibrant than last year according to a new survey. In fact, unless the fall is an especially active time for IPOs -- and it might be -- 2017 may well serve as one of the less memorable years in recent history.
(Source: Tech Crunch, 2017-07-26) Read the full article
SEC Says Initial Coin Offerings Can Be Considered Securities
Technology companies looking to raise money by issuing digital coins are moving forward with their plans despite a U.S. regulator's decision that their offerings may be subject to tough securities laws. Such initial coin offerings, or ICOs, have allowed startups to raise $1 billion so far this year, but until now it was unclear how the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission would treat the transactions.
(Source: Reuters, 2017-07-28) Read the full article
Congressional Negotiators Make Progress on Overhaul to Tax Code
Congressional Republicans seeking to get some momentum for their efforts to overhaul the tax code before the August recess are expected to share some results of their months of deliberations aides said. Talks between the top tax negotiators in the House, Senate, White House, and Treasury Department have been taking place feverishly as Republican leaders work to develop a unified plan they can introduce in September.
(Source: The New York Times, 2017-07-27) Read the full article
V.C.-Backed Companies Selling to P.E. Firms at Higher Rates
VC-backed companies are selling to PE firms at about double the rate of recent years. With PE fundraising experiencing a boom not seen since before the 2008 financial crash, the deal environment is as competitive as ever.
(Source: PitchBook, 2017-08-03) Read the full article
Halliburton to Pay $29.2 Million to Settle FCPA Violations
The Securities and Exchange Commission charged Halliburton with violating the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. The company has agreed to pay $29.2 million to settle the case.
(Source:, 2017-07-27) Read the full article
Entrepreneurs Use Methods Other than V.C. to Get Started
Fledgling businesses rarely command seed or venture funding right out of the gate, but they still need cash to get started. Here are the real ways that most entrepreneurs get money at the very start.
(Source: CNBC, 2017-08-06) Read the full article
Number of Small Business Owners Planning to Hire at 18-Year High
Job creation among small businesses picked up in July as strong economic growth in the United States and abroad gave confidence to small business owners, a National Federation of Independent Business report showed. The percentage of U.S. small business owners saying they planned to add to payrolls in July exceeded those with plans to cut jobs by 19 percentage points on a seasonally adjusted basis, the NFIB data showed.
(Source: Reuters, 2017-08-03) Read the full article
Compensation for Outside Corporate Directors Up Only 2% in 2016
While the high compensation of company directors has been targeted by shareholder activists for years -- especially since serving on a board is a part-time position -- they have less to complain about this year. Total pay for outside directors at America's largest corporations increased by a modest two percent in 2016, driven by increases in both cash and stock compensation, according to an analysis released on July 27 by London-based global advisory firm Willis Towers Watson.
(Source: Fierce CEO, 2017-07-28) Read the full article
V.C. Investors Taking Keen Interest in Getting People to a Doctor
A crop of companies is trying to address the "social determinants of health" -- the external factors like environment or socioeconomic status -- that can impact health, and they're getting some backing from venture capitalists. These companies are trying to do for the poor or the elderly what many take for granted -- like making sure people make regular doctors' appointments and have a way to get to them, and they're ginning up interest from venture capital investors.
(Source: Business Insider, 2017-08-04) Read the full article
Startups Paying for Wikipedia Entries for Publicity, Credibility
The public relations value of a Wikipedia citing is high, with Wikipedia ranks itself as the number-five Internet site in terms of popularity, searches, and unique site users. The cost of Wikipedia writing services can range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, Entrepreneur reports -- and it is a fast-growing business.
(Source: Fierce CEO, 2017-08-02) Read the full article
Clean Up in Aisle III- The First Federal Trial on Website Accessibility


Siddharth “Sid” Bose Nate Uhl

For years companies and nonprofits with public areas—especially retailers, multi-family housing developers, and colleges and universities—have faced government investigations and lawsuits over whether their properties are accessible to persons with disabilities. Accessibility is now headed to the next frontier—websites. Read full article online.


By The Numbers

The production and use of electric cars is projected by Morgan Stanley analysts to rise to 2.9 percent of 99 million new vehicles in 2020 and to 9.4 percent of 102 million new vehicles in 2025, from 1.1 percent of 86.5 million this year.
Source: - Lithium processors prepare to meet demand in era of electric car



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