Venture Briefing: Entrepreneur Boot Camp Series: Impressing Investors Venture Briefing: Entrepreneur Boot Camp Series: Impressing Investors

Venture Briefing: Entrepreneur Boot Camp Series: Impressing Investors

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V.C. Industry in Middle of Boom, but Different than Before
Like all markets, venture capital markets have boom and bust cycles. These days, the industry is in the midst of a boom, with investment hitting levels not seen since the peak of the last cycle, 15 years ago, but this boom looks very different from its predecessor.
(Source: Small Business Trends, 2015-08-31) Read the full article
Stock Market Woes Could Impact Start-Ups' Venture Capital Options
Venture capitalists, mutual funds and wealthy individuals for several years have paid increasingly higher prices for shares of privately held technology companies, seduced by a six-year-old stock market rally that seemed to promise future profits. But with stock markets around the world looking ugly after a plunge that began August 20, some start-up investors are doing double takes. Sustained declines, or even volatility, could pose trouble for young tech companies that depend on fresh injections of capital.
(Source: Los Angeles Times, 2015-08-26) Read the full article
Appeals Court Rules for SEC on In-House Enforcement Proceedings
A federal appeals court handed the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission a victory in its use of in-house enforcement proceedings, rejecting a challenge by a former chief executive of Assisted Living Concepts Inc. The 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago agreed with U.S. District Judge Rudolph Randa in Milwaukee that it lacked jurisdiction to hear former CEO Laurie Bebo's constitutional challenge to the SEC administrative case against her until the regulator's proceedings have concluded.
(Source: Reuters, 2015-08-24) Read the full article
SEC Says Tim Cook E-Mail to Reporter May Have Violated Rules
Apple CEO Tim Cook's decision to give a rare midquarter update on the company's performance in a private email to CNBC's Jim Cramer may have violated federal disclosure rules, lawyers said. In the email, confirmed by Apple, to MarketWatch, Cook said that iPhone activations have accelerated over the past few weeks, despite growing economic concerns in China and the government's moves to devalue the yuan.
(Source: MarketWatch, 2015-08-24) Read the full article
Corporations Granting Shareholders More 'Proxy Access'
If the numbers are any indication, efforts to give shareholders more say on corporate boards is gaining traction. Last year, only 15 proposals were submitted to corporations aimed at granting so called "proxy access," which would allow shareholders to nominate board directors, rather than a corporate nomination committee, but in 2015 that number has jumped to more than 100.
(Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 2015-08-18) Read the full article
Study Finds 'Boomerang' Auditors Better at Finding Fraud
"Boomerang" auditors -- auditors who spend time as CFOs or controllers and then return to public accounting -- are better at sniffing out when and by how much their clients are cheating on their financial reports, a new study finds. Further, auditors who are psychologically inclined to stand in another person's shoes "are better able to judge managers' reported earnings" than auditors less able to see things as others see them, according to the study, "Perspective taking in auditor-manager interactions: An experimental investigation of auditor behavior," which appears in the August 2015 edition of Accounting, Organizations and Society.
(Source:, 2015-08-21) Read the full article
Hackers Have Funneled $1.2B Out of Company Accounts Since 2013
Hackers have funneled $1.2 billion out of companies' accounts since October 2013, the FBI reported. Using an increasingly common scam called "business email compromise," hackers will pose as CEOs of companies and ask employees to hand over confidential financial information.
(Source:, 2015-08-28) Read the full article
Earnings for Corporate Board Members Rose to Median $250,000
In 2014, median pay for outside corporate directors in the Fortune 500 reached $250,000 a year for the first time, according to new data by the consultancy Towers Watson, as higher stock values in pay packages awarded to board members boosted corporate directors' pay. While that was only a four percent increase from the previous year, it reflects a long-term trend toward bigger paydays for directors as the job becomes more time-consuming and increasingly fraught with risk.
(Source: The Washington Post (free reg. req'd), 2015-08-27) Read the full article
Entrepreneurial Baby Boomers Seeking to Cash Out of Businesses
As the sting of the recession fades and the economy grows healthier, entrepreneurial baby boomers who spent the last few decades building businesses are starting to move on to the next phase of their careers: cashing out. And as the generational torch is passed, the profile of small businesses is changing, too, with a markedly higher share of minority groups and women among younger business owners -- a trend that could shift patterns of wealth and economic prospects.
(Source: The New York Times, 2015-08-19) Read the full article
Biotech Could Become New Frontier for Venture Capitalists
Always looking for big ideas that can revolutionize industries, venture capitalists are starting to look beyond the overcrowded field of software startups. Some say their latest target could be more meaningful -- and lucrative -- than any app: biotechnology.
(Source: Government Technology, 2015-08-28) Read the full article
More Hollywood Actors, Musicians Pouring Funds into Startups
A growing number of Hollywood actors and musicians have turned their attention up North in recent years, pouring their personal wealth into some of Silicon Valley's hottest startups. The trend isn't new.
(Source: The Washington Post (free reg. req'd), 2015-08-31) Read the full article
Entrepreneur Boot Camp Series: Impressing Investors
Haley Altman

Join us in our Indianapolis offices for TechPoint's Entrepreneur Boot Camp Series, presented by Ice Miller. The second session, Impressing Investors, will be Thursday, September 10 from 3-5 p.m. featuring Ice Miller attorney Haley Altman along with professionals from mAccounting. Join us for a single session for just $15. Register here.


Non-Compete Agreements: The Before and After
Melanie E. Harris Stephanie Kelly

Ice Miller is proud to host quarterly webinars for employers, HR directors and in-house counsel to address important issues in the workplace. Please join us for our upcoming webinar, Non-Compete Agreements: The Before and After, with Ice Miller attorneys Stephanie Kelly and Melanie Harris on Tuesday, September 29 at 1:00 p.m. EST. Register for our upcoming complimentary webinars here.


By The Numbers

According to a study by the Small Business Administration, only about half of all new businesses will survive for five years. Yet all of the 158,000 startups in this study lasted five years. However, they didn't all necessarily grow, and some even experienced a reversal of prior growth.
Source: Fast Company – The Bumpy Truth of Startup Growth


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