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Venture Briefing: Healthier Data, Healthier Patients: Cybersecurity and Better Health Outcomes Venture Briefing: Healthier Data, Healthier Patients: Cybersecurity and Better Health Outcomes

Venture Briefing: Healthier Data, Healthier Patients: Cybersecurity and Better Health Outcomes

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Middle-Market Transactions Showing Signs of Slowing Down
Midway through the year, 2015 was delivering about the same level of deal flow as 2014, but by the end of the summer, 2015 was clearly trailing 2014 on completed middle-market transactions, according to data from Thomson Reuters. August was the fourth month in a row to deliver fewer completed deals -- and the fifth month in a row to generate lower deal value -- than the same month the previous year.
(Source: Mergers & Acquisitions, 2015-09-14) Read the full article
Flood of Capital Causing Venture Capitalists to Take Bigger Risks
A flood of capital is driving up valuations for seed-stage companies, pushing even responsible-sounding venture capitalists to take bigger risks. In his candid September investor update, Jerry Neumann of New York's Neu Venture Capital notes that it has gotten tougher for seed-stage firms like his because startup valuations are swiftly rising, the competition is fiercer and early-stage venture-capital firms aren't sharing as many deals.
(Source: The Wall Street Journal, 2015-09-03) Read the full article
Number of Startups Buying Startups Set for Record Pace
Record amounts of funding and record numbers of startups are feeding into another kind of all-time high: The number of startups buying startups worldwide is on pace for more than a fourfold jump since 2010. Venture-backed companies bought 150 other startups in 2010, and that number more than tripled last year to 530.
(Source: San Jose Business Journal, 2015-09-11) Read the full article
Research Finds IPOs Could be Reaching Inflection Point
According to recent research from Renaissance Capital, initial public offerings in the U.S. look to be at an inflection point. This year, IPOs are on track to push along a streak they haven't hit in more than a decade, a notable sign of the top, but recent market volatility could slow new issues quickly, signaling the market may have already peaked.
(Source: Fortune, 2015-09-09) Read the full article
Venture Capitalists Expect Zombie Funds to Continue Rising
The talk among tech investors and entrepreneurs at the Digital Life Design tech conference in Tel Aviv is about the coming rise of venture zombie funds -- venture-capital vehicles that deployed investors' capital at peak valuations but can't sell off at a profit. While this has been going on in cycles of venture capital and private equity for years, close watchers of the tech-investment scene say there will be a wave of zombie funds in the next five years.
(Source: The Wall Street Journal, 2015-09-09) Read the full article
Appeals Court Rules Corporate Whistleblowers Can Bypass SEC
Retaliation protections are available to workers who report concerns internally before alerting the government, the Second Circuit ruled. The ruling highlights the language of the Exchange Rules specifically 21F-2 that the SEC issued in 2011 shortly after the passing of Frank-Dodd.
(Source: Courthouse News Service, 2015-09-15) Read the full article
DOJ Issues New Policies on Prosecution of Corporate Executives
The Justice Department issued a new policy that made the prosecution of Wall Street executives involved in financial fraud a major priority, all but acknowledging nagging criticism that powerful corporate figures have escaped criminal charges in favor of giant monetary penalties. "Effective immediately, we have revised our policy guidance to require that if a company wants any credit for cooperation, any credit at all, it must identify all individuals involved in the wrongdoing, regardless of their position, status or seniority in the company, and provide all relevant facts about their misconduct," according to Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates' prepared remarks for a speech at New York University Law School.
(Source: USA Today, 2015-09-10) Read the full article
Potential Corporate Board Candidates Turning Down Jobs Amid Risks
A spot on a corporate board can be a plum post, but the job comes with drawbacks -- public scrutiny, the potential for lawsuits, and of course an added time commitment. With regulators focusing more closely on the role of directors at public companies, and with activist investors circling, more candidates invited to join corporate boards are doing what was once unthinkable: They're saying no.
(Source: Bloomberg, 2015-09-08) Read the full article
More Entrepreneurs Buying Established Businesses
People with an entrepreneurial bent who are not inclined to start their own businesses are becoming a growing trend. Rather, these people look to buy small to midsize companies -- often family-owned firms that are being sold by the founder -- and help them prosper.
(Source: The New York Times, 2015-09-09) Read the full article
Healthier Data, Healthier Patients: Cybersecurity and Better Health Outcomes
Kimberly C. Metzger

Breaches of health information can have serious consequences for both providers and patients. It is easy to imagine the financial implications of cybersecurity incidents and data breaches. The effort and expense associated with investigation, forensics, mitigation of damages, lost good will and reputation, billing problems, and monitoring and untangling consumer credit are significant and can have far reaching effects for all parties. Read the full article online.


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Ice Miller is proud to be the title sponsor of the Columbus, OH Young Entrepreneurs Academy (YEA!) for the 2015 – 2016 school year. YEA! is a groundbreaking and exciting year-long class that transforms middle and high school students into real, confident entrepreneurs. Read our full press release online.


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Frontier tech startups (focusing on space, drones, AR/VR) have raised a combined $3.15B in equity financing since 2014, across 183 deals.
Source: CB Insights Future of Frontier Tech Report


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