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Venture Briefing: How Can a Private Equity Attorney Get Your Deal Done? Venture Briefing: How Can a Private Equity Attorney Get Your Deal Done?

Venture Briefing: How Can a Private Equity Attorney Get Your Deal Done?

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High Court Rules Courts Can't Dismiss Lawsuits Due to Payoffs
In a victory for class-action plaintiffs, the Supreme Court ruled by a 6-to-3 vote that courts may not dismiss lawsuits simply because a defendant has offered to give the lead plaintiff everything he sought. A contrary decision would have allowed companies accused of minor but mass wrongdoing to pick off plaintiffs one by one, frustrating their ability to band together to sue over their claims.
(Source: The New York Times, 2016-01-20) Read the full article
Ruling in M&A Lawsuit Could Change Litigation Landscape
Delaware's chief corporate judge delivered the latest body blow to the merger-litigation mill. Chancellor Andre Bouchard rejected a settlement to resolve a lawsuit over the merger of real-estate websites Trulia and Zillow, finding it would do nothing for investors and enrich only the lawyers who brought it.
(Source: The Wall Street Journal, 2016-01-25) Read the full article
V.C. Fundraising Rose 75%, While M&A Down 4% and IPOs Fell 17%
Venture Capital firms raised $8.16 billion in the fourth quarter, up nearly 75 percent from the quarter before. Meanwhile there were 120 mergers and acquisitions that raised a total of $15 billion in the fourth quarter, down four percent from the third quarter, according to the report. Initial public offerings raised $1.3 billion, down 17 percent.
(Source: Mercury News, 2016-01-20) Read the full article
Delaware Officials Approve Changes to Corporate Tax System
Leaders of the Delaware General Assembly have muscled a bill through the House of Representatives that would overhaul the state's income tax. The bill would change how corporations' income taxes are calculated.
(Source: The (Del.) News Journal, 2016-01-14) Read the full article
Few Corporations Prepared to Put New Revenue Standard in Place
Companies still have some time before they must begin applying the new standard for revenue recognition but many seem to be making slow progress in preparing for the change. According to a KPMG survey, less than 29 percent of corporate financial preparers say their companies have a clear plan to implement the new standard, with less than 13 percent saying they have completed an assessment of the effects of the new standard and are planning implementation.
(Source:, 2016-01-22) Read the full article
LBO Loans Harder to Come By as Banks Rein in Lending
A string of leveraged buyout deals have stalled in recent weeks as the financing from banks dried up, in one of the biggest challenges for the private equity industry since the 2008 financial crisis. While the new year's plunge in global equity markets is making company valuations more attractive for buyout firms, the tumult in the debt markets is set to prevent many deals from getting done.
(Source: St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 2016-01-15) Read the full article
Committee OKs Bill to Boost Small Biz Access to Federal Contracts
Small businesses may soon have better opportunities to bid for federal contracts. The U.S. House Committee on Small Business has approved bipartisan legislation to expand and boost the prospects for smaller firms in the federal bidding process.
(Source: Small Business Trends, 2016-01-18) Read the full article
S&P Downgraded 892 Corporate Issuers in 2015, Highest Since 2009
The proportion of downgrades to total rating actions reached 69 percent last year, the highest level since the financial crisis in 2009, but the outlook for global credit markets remains strong, according to Standard & Poor's. In a report, the rating agency said it downgraded 892 corporate issuers (accounting for about $6.9 trillion in rated debt) and upgraded 394 issuers (accounting for about $2.7 trillion) in 2015.
(Source:, 2016-01-22) Read the full article
Study Finds Employees at Small Businesses Subjected to More Abuse
Working at a small business can have a lot of upsides, but it may also increase your chances of being harassed or subjected to emotional abuse. According to a study published in the Journal of Ethics and Entrepreneurship by Dale Eesley and Patricia Meglich, workers at firms with 50 or fewer employees reported more abuse from their supervisors than those at larger businesses.
(Source: MarketWatch, 2016-01-25) Read the full article
How Can a Private Equity Attorney Get Your Deal Done?
Edward Braum Adam Calisoff

If you look for the right qualities, a private equity attorney may be able to help you efficiently overcome complex structuring and regulatory issues. Read full article here.


Attorney Spotlight: Sid Bose
Siddharth “Sid” Bose

Sid Bose has been named the newest co-chair of the International Association of Privacy Professionals’ (IAPP) Indianapolis Chapter. As co-chair, Sid will contribute towards helping build the privacy profession in the Indianapolis area by giving privacy professionals and IAPP members an opportunity to share their experiences and gain valuable insight on privacy matters from fellow members. Sid is also an attorney in Ice Miller’s Data Security and Privacy practice.


By The Numbers

The number of active angel investors climbed to 316,500 in 2014, the most recent year for which data are available, from 259,500 in 2009, according to the Center for Venture Research at the University of New Hampshire, while the amount they invested rose to $24.1 billion from $17.6 billion.
Source: The Wall Street Journal - As Angel Investors Pull Back, Valuations Take a Hit


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Ice Miller has been one of the most active law firms in the private equity industry over the last decade, representing both entrepreneurs building great companies and the private equity firms and individuals that invest in them.  We have extensive experience with all types of funds (formations and operations); mezzanine and senior secured financing; leveraged buyouts, roll-ups, build-ups, and consolidations; divestitures and exits; and complex litigation on behalf of investors and privately financed companies.  In addition, over the past 10 years, Ice Miller has represented hundreds of emerging growth businesses in various industries on such matters as entity formation, capitalization, capital raising, alternative financing, intellectual property rights and protection, growth and exit strategies, corporate governance, tax matters, and many other legal issues that are critical to the growth and success of an emerging company.

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