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Venture Briefing: January Global M&A Hit $275 Billion, Best Start in 20 Years Venture Briefing: January Global M&A Hit $275 Billion, Best Start in 20 Years

Venture Briefing: January Global M&A Hit $275 Billion, Best Start in 20 Years

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February 6, 2019

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January Global M&A Hit $275 Billion, Best Start in 20 Years
After a dismal December, dealmakers made a comeback in January, logging $275 billion of mergers and acquisitions globally to mark the best start to a year in almost two decades. The surge was led by North American deals, with $187 billion of transactions announced during the month -- up 40 percent from 2018 -- according to data compiled by Bloomberg.
(Source: Bloomberg, 2019-02-01) Read the full article
Middle Market Companies Confident About 2019 M&A Opportunities
Most companies in the U.S. middle market say they are optimistic about M&A in 2019. Sixty-eight percent of the 350 U.S. middle market companies surveyed by TD Bank say they plan to engage in M&A activity within the next six to 24 months, and 85 percent said there are no barriers to M&A activity.
(Source: Mergers & Acquisitions, 2019-01-10) Read the full article
V.C. Spending Hit Record $131 Billion in 2018, NVCA Says
Venture capital just had its highest spending year in history. Last year, venture capital firms spread roughly $131 billion across 8,949 deals, according to data published by PitchBook and the National Venture Capital Association.
(Source: CNBC, 2019-01-10) Read the full article
Shutdown Harmed January IPOs, Which Raised Just $2.7 Billion
While expectations of a banner IPO year might still be fulfilled, 2019 opened with the worst month since January 2016, thanks largely to the 35-day U.S. government shutdown. Only 60 IPOs priced globally, raising $2.7 billion, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.
(Source: Bloomberg, 2019-02-01) Read the full article
Companies Raised Capital Via "Private IPOs" During Shutdown
How much impact did the government shutdown have on capital flowing to private tech companies? Judging by private rounds going to late-stage companies, very little. "Private IPOs," or private funding rounds over $100 million, proceeded in their own orbit.
(Source: Forbes, 2019-01-30) Read the full article
Regulation Crowdfunding Started Gaining Momentum in 2018
Regulation Crowdfunding allows startups and small businesses to raise up to $1,070,000 online per year from both retail and accredited investors by using registered funding portals (or broker-dealers). Last year marked the third calendar year for the industry, and data from the past three years show traction is starting to pick up.
(Source: Venture Beat, 2019-01-30) Read the full article
V.C.s Warn Tech Startups to Curb Spending Amid Volatile Economy
Venture capitalists are reportedly urging startup companies to curb their spending and hold on to more capital as concerns about the volatility in the stock market and the growth of the global economy are starting to worry them. According to a report in The Financial Times, it's the first evidence that worries about the stock market and global economies are impacting the financing of private technology startups.
(Source:, 2019-02-03) Read the full article
More Startups Telling Venture Capitalists to Take a Hike
The V.C. business model, on which much of the modern tech industry was built, is simple: Start-ups raise piles of money from investors, and then use the cash to grow aggressively -- faster than the competition, faster than regulators, faster than most normal businesses would consider sane. Now a counter movement, led by entrepreneurs who are jaded by the traditional playbook, is rejecting that model.
(Source: The New York Times, 2019-01-11) Read the full article
Analysis Finds Early-Stage Ventures on Coasts Raise More Money
Ventures on the coasts tend to raise more than their land-locked counterparts. Most investors (except for corporate V.C.s and family investment offices) are inclined to make investments inside their own states, and that this tendency is most pronounced at seed and early-stage.
(Source: Crunchbase News, 2019-01-31) Read the full article
More Small Businesses Seeking Loans Through Alternative Lenders
Many SMB borrowers are bypassing traditional financial lenders entirely in favor of non-bank loans. In a new survey, conducted by private business lender Credibly, 62.5 percent of respondents claimed they did not seek a traditional bank loan before securing funding through alternative lenders.
(Source: Benzinga, 2019-01-18) Read the full article
Connect with our Partners at the 2019 SBIA & AM&AA Deal Summit
Tom Kesoglou Chris Bordoni
Thomas Kesoglou Christopher Bordoni

Ice Miller is excited to sponsor the SBIA & AM&AA Deal Summit, taking place on Wednesday, February 20 – Friday, February 22, 2019 at the Doral in Miami. If you are planning to attend this great event, feel free to connect with our partners Tom Kesoglou and Chris Bordoni. We hope to see you there! Registration details here.


Potential Bid Protest Impacts from the Section 809 Panel’s Final Report and Recommendations
Josh Schnell
Joshua Schnell  

These reforms would immediately impact defense contractors. Importantly, since DoD acquisition reform frequently leads the way for changes across all federal agencies, these recommendations also have the potential to impact all government contractors in the future. What follows are the paraphrased recommendations with brief explanations of their potential bid protest impacts. Read full article here.



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