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Startup Investors' Endorser Role Boosted with Easing of Security Rules
The roles of endorser and startup investor are merging into one, in the wake of a move by lawmakers to ease decades-old U.S. securities regulations in 2012. Well-known personalities have lent their names to brands for more than a century, and, for at least a decade, many have been investing in them as well.
(Source: The Wall Street Journal, 2014-10-02) Read the full article
Survey Finds 44 Percent of Small Businesses Exposed to Hacking
It's not just big businesses like JPMorgan Chase, Target and Home Depot that get hacked. Small companies suffer from intrusions into their computer systems, too. Many small businesses have been attacked -- 44 percent, according to a 2013 survey by the National Small Business Association, an advocacy group.
(Source: Claims Journal, 2014-10-10) Read the full article
SEC May Review Its Handling of Investor Proposals on Social Policies
There's been a surge in shareholders urging companies to do a better job about protecting forests and human rights and about disclosing political spending and the like, which may push the Securities and Exchange Commission to rethink how it handles investor proposals. According to a study by, some 136 proposals -- or 48 percent of all shareholder proposals submitted to the largest 250 public companies this year -- were focused on social or policy concerns, up from an average of 39 percent historically.
(Source: The Wall Street Journal, 2014-10-02) Read the full article
Science Startups Seeing Renewed Interest from Venture Capitalists
After years of shying away from science, engineering and clean-technology startups, investors are beginning to take an interest in them again, raising hopes among entrepreneurs in those areas that the long slump is finally over. But these start-ups face intense pressure to prove that their science can turn a profit more quickly than hot tech companies like Snapchat and Uber.
(Source: The New York Times, 2014-10-12) Read the full article
Sharp Decline in Patent Suits as More Software Patents Invalidated
A June Supreme Court decision on the legality of software patents has been sending shockwaves through the legal system. The case, called Alice v. CLS Bank, has led to a bunch of lower court decisions invalidating software patents and may also have been responsible for September's sharp decline in patent lawsuits.
(Source: Vox, 2014-10-11) Read the full article
More Firms Setting Up Their Own Venture Capital Arms
More companies are setting up divisions that specialize in funding promising startups. There are more than 1,100 such corporate venture firms, with more than 475 created since 2010, according to media firm Global Corporate Venturing.
(Source: San Francisco Chronicle, 2014-10-03) Read the full article
Global Companies Raised $220B Through IPOs in Last Three Months
The global equity market had yet another strong quarter this time around, with quarterly data compiled by Thomson Reuters showing that companies around the world raised almost $220 billion in fresh capital through IPOs and follow-on offerings over the last three months. While this figure is 22 percent lower than the exceptionally high $282 billion for the previous quarter, it is a good 50 percent higher than the $145 billion figure seen in Q3 2013.
(Source:, 2014-10-02) Read the full article
Many Startups Still Face Difficulty Finding Funding
Even though more startups are springing up, lenders still aren't keen on handing money to these new businesses. Most banks don't lend to companies that have been in operation less than two years, and private equity firms don't get a financial return on a loan to a startup that makes it worth their time, experts said.
(Source: Miami Today, 2014-10-08) Read the full article
Ithaca Working to Gain Reputation for Being Startup Hub
It may not be Silicon Valley or New York City, but Ithaca, N.Y., is working hard to position itself as a startup hub. The city is home to three colleges, including Cornell University, which has heavily invested in fostering bright, entrepreneurial minds.
(Source:, 2014-10-09) Read the full article
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IRS Guidance Relaxes Allocation Rules Making After-Tax Rollovers Easier

Pursuant to proposed regulations and related guidance the IRS released on September 18, 2014, the IRS will allow eligible rollover distributions of pre-tax and after-tax amounts from a qualified retirement plan, a 403(b) plan, or a governmental 457(b) plan to be split and allocated to different destinations on a tax-favored basis. Read full article online.


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Mobile users in the U.S. spend 86 percent of their time in apps and only 14 percent on the Web, according to mobile analytics company Flurry (now owned by Yahoo).
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