Venture Briefing: New Insurance Endorsement Can Protect Businesses from $2.3 Billion Scheme Venture Briefing: New Insurance Endorsement Can Protect Businesses from $2.3 Billion Scheme

Venture Briefing: New Insurance Endorsement Can Protect Businesses from $2.3 Billion Scheme

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IPO Volume Rises, But Unicorns Unlikely to Hit Stride Until 2017
The volume of initial public offerings has picked up slightly in the second quarter after the historically slow first three months of the year. Nevertheless, those waiting for a stampede of "unicorns" to hit the new issue market will likely have to wait till 2017, said Jackie Kelley, Americas IPO markets leader at EY.
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Bankers Concerned Vote for Brexit Will Hurt M&A for Rest of Year
Britain’s decision to depart from the EU has injected huge amounts of uncertainty into global markets, and it has the potential to upend Europe’s established political order. M&A professionals didn’t see the vote turning out this way, but they did predict the ensuing chaos in the event of a “Leave” vote.
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New Group of Buyers Enters Private Equity Arena
For decades, the buyers in some of the largest deals had come in three forms: private equity firms, corporations and public market investors. But over the last few years, a new group of buyers has sprung up: sovereign wealth funds, pension funds and even private families have flexed their deal-making muscles.
(Source: The New York Times, 2016-06-15) Read the full article
Just One Percent of Corporate Boards Look at Rule 10b5-1 Plans
Very few boards are tasked with approving plans that allow directors, executives and other corporate insiders to legally trade in the company's stock, a new survey found. The poll of 296 members by the Society of Corporate Secretaries & Governance Professionals found that only one percent of boards are asked to approve such arrangements, known as Rule 10b5-1 plans.
(Source: BNA, 2016-06-21) Read the full article
Regulators Boosting Oversight of Online Small Business Lenders
Federal regulators are considering stepping up oversight of online lenders that make loans to small businesses, a sector that got $1.9 billion in loans last year, a leap of almost 60 percent from 2014, according to a study by the Treasury Department. That booming growth has regulators taking a closer look at how to protect small businesses who participate in marketplace lending, as they receive loans that aren't subject to the same oversight as consumer lending would be.
(Source: San Francisco Business Times, 2016-06-23) Read the full article
Family Businesses Turn to ESOPs to Pull Out Retirement Capital
Family-business owners are often drawn to employee ownership out of good will and generosity, said Joseph Blasi, a management professor at Rutgers University who studies ESOPs and is a co-author of the book “The Citizen’s Share: Reducing Inequality in the 21st Century.” But, practically they have another reason that some turn to employee ownership- to get their wealth out of the company so they can retire, Blasi says.
(Source: The New York Times, 2016-06-25) Read the full article
European Venture Capital Outperforming U.S. on Key Measure
For over a decade European venture capital has been a backwater, and U.S. VC has been flying high since 2010, but Europe is raising its game and Silicon Valley looks over-inflated. On a key measure -- the ratio of exit value realized to capital commitments -- European venture capital now outperforms the U.S.
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CEOs at Biggest Companies Received 4.5% Pay Increase in 2015
CEOs at the biggest companies got a 4.5 percent pay raise last year. The typical chief executive in the Standard & Poor's 500 index made $10.8 million, including bonuses, stock awards and other compensation, according to a study by executive data firm Equilar.
(Source: Richmond Times-Dispatch, 2016-06-25) Read the full article
OECD Says Tech M&A Could Be Harming Innovation Efforts
It's practically an article of faith in Silicon Valley: High-tech companies are an unalloyed good for the U.S. economy, generating the innovation that is critical to its long-term success, but that's not always the case, according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. The Paris-based group argues that rich, entrenched technology companies may be dampening rather than promoting innovation by buying up fledgling firms.
(Source: Bloomberg, 2016-06-16) Read the full article
House Rejects Effort to Legalize Bank Involvement in Pot Business
Failing in an effort to match the success of their Senate counterparts, House members watched as Republicans killed a budget amendment that would have prevented federal regulators from penalizing financial institutions that worked with legitimate marijuana businesses. Though a Senate committee passed a similar amendment, House Republicans in the Rules Committee blocked any vote on the amendment proposed by Rep. Ed Perlmutter of Arvada, and Rep. Denny Heck of Washington to the Fiscal Year 2017 Financial Services and General Government Appropriations Act.
(Source: Denver Post, 2016-06-22) Read the full article
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New Insurance Endorsement Can Protect Businesses from $2.3 Billion Scheme
Nicholas Reuhs

Phyllis works for an accounting department in a business that occasionally conducts transactions with overseas entities. Eventually she receives an e-mail from the company’s CFO requesting that she transfer money to an overseas bank account to help close an important and urgent deal involving the company’s acquisition of new assets. Read full article online.


Companies are Encouraged to Seek an Opinion of Counsel Before Launching Products

Enhanced damages are set out in 35 U.S.C. Section 284, which provides that courts “may increase the damages up to three times the amount found or assessed.” In 2007 in In re Seagate, 497 F. 3d 1360, the Federal Circuit held that enhanced damages could be awarded only when a court found infringement to be willful, and created a two-part test that patent owners must meet to prove willfulness. Read full article online.


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