Venture Briefing: The “Internet of Health Things:” Privacy and Security Issues in an Interconnected Venture Briefing: The “Internet of Health Things:” Privacy and Security Issues in an Interconnected

Venture Briefing: The “Internet of Health Things:” Privacy and Security Issues in an Interconnected World

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Groups Sue U.S. Over Crackdown on Corporate Tax Inversions
Two business groups sued the Obama administration over a crackdown on U.S. companies that try to reduce their U.S. taxes by rebasing abroad in a process known as inversion. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the Texas Association of Business filed a lawsuit in Texas federal court that said a regulation from the U.S. Treasury Department in April exceeded what the law allows the department to do.
(Source: Reuters, 2016-08-04) Read the full article
Tech Companies Seeing Major Surge in Merger Activity
Merger mania is all the rage in tech, where it's beginning to feel like the late 1990s and early 2000 bust era all over again. But this time there's a notable difference that speaks to the fundamental value being created in this second dot-com boom. Companies are being scooped up for billions instead of being shuttered.
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2016 Turning Out to be Slowest for IPO Market Since 2009
This year has been the slowest for U.S. initial public offerings since 2009, according to mergers and acquisitions research firm, Dealogic. Fifty-four U.S. IPOs have raised $11.5 billion in the first seven months of this year—down from the $22.9 billion raised through 118 deals through the same period last year.
(Source: Fortune, 2016-08-01) Read the full article
Thirty-Three Unicorns Raised $25.1 Billion in Second Quarter
In the second quarter of 2016, 33 unicorns raised a total of $25.1 billion from 41 funding events. This represents a 70 percent increase in funding compared to the second quarter of 2015, but from fewer funding events: 41 versus 69.
(Source: Venture Beat, 2016-08-05) Read the full article
Study Finds Hedge Fund Activism Results in Better Performance
New research, to be presented at the forthcoming annual meeting of the American Accounting Association in New York City, analyzes the largest sample of activist events yet examined -- some 5,000 initiatives over the course of 21 years. The study finds that above and beyond the short-term boost in share prices that it occasions, hedge fund activism generally results in superior stock performance and strengthened company fundamentals over the long term.
(Source:, 2016-08-05) Read the full article
Activist Investors Looking to Shake Up Company Management
Activist investors' appetites have gotten bigger in recent years, and it's sending some of them looking for change in the management of public companies. A toppy market has big shareholders backing activists' longer-term initiatives, such as forcing spin-outs, strategy shuffles and executive replacements.
(Source: Yahoo Finance, 2016-07-27) Read the full article
Community Banks No Longer Top Dog for Small Business Lending
The edge mid-sized and community banks have historically had on the big guys is that they put a face on banking. For small and medium-sized business owners, that personal touch may be the factor that leads them to choose their local branch over a major, multinational financial institution. But FinTech has changed the game, and new customer demands could be taking away community banks' leg-up on their largest peers.
(Source:, 2016-07-27) Read the full article
41% of Corporations Experienced Ransomware Attacks Over Year
The threat of ransomware is becoming widespread among corporations, with almost half of U.S. businesses suffering an attack from the nasty form of malware recently, according to a new survey. Security firm Malwarebytes sponsored the June study, which found that 41 percent of U.S. businesses had at least encountered between one to five ransomware attacks in the previous 12 months, while another six percent saw six or more attacks.
(Source: Computerworld, 2016-08-03) Read the full article
Private Equity Firms Rushing to Cash in on Marijuana Business
The cannabis industry is starting to see some serious investment activity. Over the last few years, a new wave of cannabis-finance companies have formed to capitalize on the green rush.
(Source: Business Insider, 2016-07-30) Read the full article
The “Internet of Health Things:” Privacy and Security Issues in an Interconnected World


Kimberly C. Metzger

The Internet of Things (IoT) – a network of interconnected devices that collect, store, and transmit data and communicate with people or other objects – is quickly becoming ubiquitous across industries. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) estimates there are currently more connected devices than people, and by 2020, there may be as many as 50 billion "smart" devices in use worldwide – nearly one for every two persons who have ever lived (108 billion, according to the Washington Post). Read full article online.


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Q2 brought 33 IPOs, raising $5.5 billion. That's still far below average, but it sparked hopes for an IPO rebound. This year's average return for IPOs is about 17% above the IPO price.

Source: The 'Amazing' IPO Change That May Restart The Flow Of New Stocks - Investor's Business Daily


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