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A Tradition of Client Service A Tradition of Client Service

A Tradition of Client Service

Ice Miller has been serving local governments, including cities, towns, counties, other local municipal corporations, special taxing districts, authorities and other entities, for over a hundred years. Beginning with the approval of gravel road bonds in 1910, Ice Miller's overall bond practice has expanded to include 29 lawyers approving $5 to $6 billion of bonds annually. The attorneys who work specifically for these local governments have combined experience of over 133 years in the field.

To show its commitment to the clients we serve, Ice Miller has represented Accelerate Indiana Municipalities (formerly the Indiana Association of Cities and Towns) and the Association of Indiana Counties each for over 30 years. Our bond practice provides an opportunity to know our clients well and to understand their challenges and help solve their problems. To that end, we routinely put together teams of other lawyers with different expertise in our office to help those clients move forward progressively. These teams may include litigators, environmental lawyers, real estate lawyers, technology lawyers, lobbyists and others to address the issues local governments face on a daily basis. Whether facing a brownfields or environmental cleanup, undertaking a Smart Cities program or facing “bet the farm” litigation or negotiation, Ice Miller attorneys are here to assist our clients.

As to the lawyers who provide bond counsel services, we do all kinds of projects all the time.  Whether it is a municipal utility, jail, courthouse, roads, parks or any other matter of long or short term financing, we bring all of our experience to bear on the problem. We also do our best to serve the client as efficiently as possible within the framework of getting the job done correctly.

Our bond lawyers also work with client teams in the economic development area by assisting with the attraction of business and negotiation of incentives. We have represented local governments in billions of dollars of projects, creating thousands of jobs throughout the state.

In addition to the bond lawyers who work directly with local government, we have many other bond lawyers who assist and supplement us in complex federal tax and securities matters. These lawyers collectively also have dozens of years of experience in these matters, and they know when and where to turn to protect the interest of the local government regarding these federal law and regulatory matters.

For more information, contact James Snyder or another member of Ice Miller’s Municipal Finance Group.

This publication is intended for general information purposes only and does not and is not intended to constitute legal advice. The reader must consult with legal counsel to determine how laws or decisions discussed herein apply to the reader's specific circumstances. 
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