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Governor Holcomb Issues Statewide Masking Order Governor Holcomb Issues Statewide Masking Order

Governor Holcomb Issues Statewide Masking Order

On July 22, 2020, Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb announced a mandatory masking order for the entire state of Indiana, effective July 27, 2020. The order, issued on July 24, 2020, requires anyone over the age of eight to wear a face covering whenever inside a business, public building or other indoor place open to the public. The order also applies to outdoor public spaces where maintaining a distance of six feet is not feasible, and while traveling via public transportation, taxi, car-service or ride-share. The order will remain in effect through August 26, 2020 unless extended, modified or rescinded.

The order contains a number of exceptions and exemptions (as well as a series of rules and exceptions specific to schools):
  • The order does not extend to individuals in private offices or private workspaces or meetings in which six feet of social distancing can be achieved and maintained.
  • The order does not apply to:
    • children younger than eight (except in limited circumstances);
    • any person with a medical condition, mental health condition or disability which prevents wearing a face covering;
    • any person who is deaf or hard of hearing or communicating with someone who is deaf or hard of hearing, where the ability to see the mouth is essential for communication;
    • any person for whom wearing a face covering would create a risk to the person related to their work, “as determined by local, state or federal regulators, or workplace safety guidelines.”
Notably, the order does not supersede stricter provisions of local masking orders. With local orders in place in a number of Indiana localities, it is critical that employers be aware of and comply with the strictest standard applicable to their workplaces.

For general information on handling masking requirements in the workplace, see our previous article, “We’ve Got You Covered: Five Things Every Employer Needs to Know About Mask Policies.” If you have further questions, please contact Manolis Boulukos, Ryan Poor, Tami Earnhart or any member of Ice Miller’s Labor and Employment team.

This publication is intended for general information purposes only and does not and is not intended to constitute legal advice. The reader must consult with legal counsel to determine how laws or decisions discussed herein apply to the reader's specific circumstances.
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