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Staffing Shortages May Increase Workplace Injuries Staffing Shortages May Increase Workplace Injuries

Staffing Shortages May Increase Workplace Injuries

Many businesses are experiencing staffing shortages and an understaffed workplace can lead to an increase in workers’ compensation claims due to several factors, including existing employees picking up extra shifts, leading to exhaustion, or hiring untrained employees or temporary workers to fill in gaps quickly. Overtired employees can be more prone to accidents, especially when operating equipment and heavy machinery.  Untrained and unqualified employees can skip safety steps and make careless errors increasing the risk of a workplace injury. Providing better safety training and implementing technology may reduce these increased risks. Wearable safety technology can assist with monitoring employee behaviors, provide alerts of hazardous situations, and relay real-time safety instructions. Employers can also adjust schedules and business hours to avoid overworking existing employees.  

For more information about navigating workplace injuries resulting from staffing shortages, contact Jennifer McDaniel or the Ice Miller Workplace Solutions attorney with whom you most frequently work.

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