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Build a Smarter City with Ice Miller

How can municipal leaders across the U.S. leverage the Internet of Things (“IoT”) to build smarter cities? How can cities and towns connect people with the resources, amenities, and commerce that drive economic development and attract and retain a talented workforce?

To become a smart city, leaders and businesses must collaborate to harness rapidly evolving and revolutionary technology. Effective deployment of the IoT technology can automate systems, create efficiencies, and connect citizens with affordable and reliable resources. Smart collaboration will increasingly determine the success of all constituents in urban environments.
At Ice Miller, we understand that the IoT will provide unprecedented speed for automation and almost instantaneous data collection, analysis and sharing between devices, businesses, municipalities and users. Leveraging this speed for municipal growth, investment, and development is critical, and must be balanced with safety, privacy and security considerations.
Our attorneys have helped our clients stay ahead of a changing world for more than 100 years. Our Internet of Things Industry Group includes attorneys who are also engineers, IT analysts, and data architects, with the legal and public affairs backgrounds that span our full-service law firm.

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Our team is ready to guide and counsel municipal leaders as they seek to develop the infrastructure, to understand the technology, and to implement financial and legislative solutions needed to build a smarter city.
Smart City Leader? Watch out video and download our guide here.
As your conversations around smart cities continue, turn to our team for insights, experience and guidance. We are here to support you as you leverage smart technology for economic and municipal growth.

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