When The Path to Progress is digital, Ice Miller Whiteboard is your high-tech partner.


Broadband connectivity. A staple utility in some markets and quickly being pursued in others, this network service availability offers an advantage for communities that are seeking economic growth and development. Integrating and leveraging such fiber-optic and wireless networks can better position cities and villages to vie for businesses and organizations that are actively searching for this ease in accessibility to technology.

Ice Miller Whiteboard’s broadband and telecommunications team offers insight and comprehensive solutions to broadband challenges facing local, state, federal, non-profit and private-sector clients. We work to strategically incorporate fiber into communities that are seeking to offer broadband and provide decisive guidance when a client aims to take advantage of its integrated network and wireless capabilities and better leverage the investment.

The group’s strength is its niche experience developing and executing strategies to assist clients in becoming leaders in the networked-world. Whiteboard provides policy analysis, auditing, stakeholder relations, technical planning and strategies critical to helping clients develop solutions and the resources necessary to implement cutting-edge broadband efforts. We continually build upon our unique partnerships, providing such broadband planning and advocacy services as:

  • Development of broadband strategic plans for communities
  • Development of executive-level broadband strategies for states
  • RFP development for public technology efforts
  • Broadband efforts for health systems
  • Development and drafting of fiber optic agreements and broadband policy
  • Negotiation of competitive video service agreements
  • Drafting comprehensive Rights-of-Way control ordinances
  • Drafting and negotiation of cable franchises
  • Telecommunications and technology contracting and service negotiations/agreements
  • Cable franchise audits



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Gregory J. Dunn Partner 614-462-2339
Christopher L. Miller Partner 614-462-5033
Lindsay Miller Associate 614-462-1136
Deborah D. Pryce Principal, Ice Miller Whiteboard LLC 614-462-1049
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