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Physician Representation

The business of practicing medicine is fraught with regulatory traps for the unwary.  

Ice Miller helps physicians and physician groups navigate legal and regulatory traps.  Ice Miller has extensive experience representing all sizes of physician practices, from solo practitioners just leaving medical school to large, multi specialty physician groups.

Representative Experience

  • Employment contract review
  • Exit strategies from employment or group arrangements
  • Practice acquisitions, breakups, and closures
  • Provider enrollment and reimbursement issues
  • Shareholder or partner disputes
  • Non-physician provider scope of practice, supervision, and billing issues
  • Mediation, arbitration, and litigation
  • Physician practice compliance
  • Social media and new technology issues  
  • Licensing and controlled substance registration issues
  • Telemedicine and other telehealth issues
  • Joint ventures
  • Surgery center ownership


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