Information products and services comprise the largest and fastest growing sector of the global economy.

Many new legal challenges have arisen in this area, related to intellectual property on the Internet, technology transactions, liability of telecommunications service providers, privacy and export control. Ice Miller attorneys advise new companies and established businesses on technology issues of the information age. We stay informed of legislation that affects information technology, including Federal and State electronic signature laws, the Uniform Computer Information Transactions Act and the consumer privacy provisions of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act.

Representative Clients


Name Position Phone Email
Anthony P. Aaron Partner 317-236-2484
Wayne O. Adams III Partner 317-236-2117
Adam Arceneaux Partner 317-236-2137
Holiday W. Banta Partner 317-236-5882
Phillip L. Bayt Partner 317-236-2396
Michael A. Blickman Partner 317-236-2298
Jenifer M. Brown Partner 317-236-2242
Kristine M. Camron Partner 317-236-5948
Joshua L. Christie Partner 317-236-5802
Troy J. Cole Partner 317-236-2173
Dustin S. DuBois Partner 317-236-2251
Jennifer Duman Associate 614-462-1062
Gregory J. Dunn Partner 614-462-2339
Tami A. Earnhart Partner 317-236-2235
Roger A. Gilcrest Senior Counsel 614-462-1055
Eric I. Goodman Partner 317-236-5804
John R. Hammond III Partner 317-236-5807
Melanie E. Harris Partner 317-236-5996
Ryan Hiler Associate 317-236-2265
Steven K. Humke Chief Managing Partner 317-236-2394
Mike Jordan Of Counsel 215-982-5163
Josef Keglewitsch Partner 614-462-2279
Justin Klein Partner 212-824-4973
Kevin R. Knight Partner 317-236-5828
Christopher L. Miller Partner 614-462-5033
Judy S. Okenfuss Managing Partner 317-236-2115
Benjamin Oster Associate 614-462-1116
Ryan McCabe Poor Partner 317-236-5976
Melissa Proffitt Office Managing Partner 317-236-2470
Mark I. Shublak Partner 317-236-5981
Emily Storm-Smith Associate 317-236-2224
Scott Snively Partner 317-236-2375
Dale Stackhouse Partner 317-236-2401
John R. Thornburgh Partner 317-236-2405
Richard J. Thrapp Partner 317-236-2442
Michael L. Tooley Partner 317-236-2118
Thomas A. Walsh Partner 317-236-5946
Philip A. Whistler Partner 317-236-2349
Christopher J. Magill Economic Development Director 614-462-1141
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