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The Internet of Things
Smarter Cities

HOW can municipal leaders leverage the Internet of Things ("IoT") to build smarter cities?

The use of new 21st century technologies comes with many concerns and questions:

  • Mayors ask "What should we do first?" and "How will we pay for this?"
  • Developers and investors ask "Where is the return on investment?"
  • Workers ask "Where are the jobs and the gains in income ?"
  • Citizens ask "How does this truly make my life better?"

To address these questions, Ice Miller has produced its Smarter Cities guide designed for municipal leaders, city administrators, urban planners, and economic developers. In this guide, your team will find opportunities to explore best practices and utilize checklists to develop the infrastructure, to understand the technology, and to implement the financial and legislative solutions needed to build a smarter city.*
*Laws or legislation related to the issues presented in this guide may differ from state to state.

We have also produced a guide which is specific to the needs of the Smarter Cities in Indiana. Simply click on the Download specific to Indiana.


At Ice Miller, our professionals have helped our clients stay ahead of a changing world for more than 100 years. As your conversations around smart cities continue, turn to our team for insights, experience and guidance.

Our Internet of Things Industry Group includes more than 30 attorneys with backgrounds that span our full-service law firm. Within the IoT group are lawyers who have technical backgrounds as engineers, IT analysts, and data architects. Others have experience as political leaders and public affairs consultants. We are here to support you as you leverage smart technologies for economic and municipal growth.