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Many businesses have unanswered legal questions and unfulfilled legal needs. Dealing with these legal issues can take valuable time that could be used to manage and grow the business.

Ice Miller frequently serves as outside general counsel for these businesses.

Working closely with our clients, we gain an in-depth understanding of your business activities and objectives. Ice Miller understands that by learning about your company’s people, goals and purpose, we uniquely position ourselves to provide personalized legal counsel throughout the lifespan of your business. We are able to provide focused, client-centered advice and counsel on legal issues confronting your business on a daily basis.

Serving as outside general counsel, Ice Miller can assist your business with contract negotiations, corporate filings, disputes and settlement negotiations, employment and human resources issues, arbitration, mediation, corporate finance, intellectual property, licensing, mergers and acquisitions, board meetings, shareholder meetings, corporate structure and governance, and more. Learn more in our client case studies below.



Arjo focuses on improving the health and well-being of others, while Ice Miller serves as Arjo’s outside counsel in the U.S. and Canada to make sure the company is legally healthy as well.

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Pictured Left to Right: Charles Bush, Ice Miller Partner; Chris Dorsey, Arjo CFO & VP Finance, North America; Tajanae Mallett, Arjo Corporate Counsel; Anne Sigouin, Arjo President, North American

Ball Horticultural Company

The journey to a garden begins at that “Aha!” moment when a color, a flower, a new way of growing is first imagined. Ball Horticultural Company transforms these dreams into reality – the family-owned company is a world leader in new plant innovation. At Ice Miller, we want to help Ball “color the world” by providing the company with general counsel services so Ball’s global family can “grow a green future.”

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Pictured Left to Right: Todd Billings, Ball Horticultural Business Development Director; Alan Rouse, Ball Horticultural Chief Financial Officer; Anna Ball, Ball Horticultural President, Chairman and CEO; Susannah Ball, Ball Horticultural HandPicked Vegetables Product Manager; Todd Frauendorfer, Ball Horticultural Treasurer and Corporate Secretary   



Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams

When you are building the next great American ice cream company, you need help on lots of things—protection of your coveted trademarks, leases, supplier arrangements, multi-state employment issues—and Ice Miller is thrilled to act as outside general counsel for Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams.

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Pictured Left to Right: Cathy Strauss, Ice Miller Partner; Josef Keglewitsch, Ice Miller Partner; Joanne Goldhand, Ice Miller Partner; John Lowe, Jeni's CEO; Zoe Klopf Switzer, Jeni's Human Resources Leader; Poe Timmons, Jeni's Executive Vice President, COO and CFO  

Medlee Foods, LLC

Committed to offering flavorful convenience to elevate everyday cooking, Medlee Foods products combine delicious flavors with high-quality ingredients. While the Medlee team knows butter better than anyone, Medlee, like any business, has legal needs. That’s where Ice Miller joins the team.

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Pictured Left to Right: Joseph Valdes, Medlee Executive Vice President of Sales; Albert Valdes, Medlee President & CEO; Kelsey Coday, Medlee Culinary Director; Tina Clemmons, Medlee Customer Service Rep; Dominic Melone, Medlee CFO 
Not Pictured: Andrew Bellisano, Medlee Director of Sales


Morgan Foods

Morgan Foods is one of the nation’s leading food manufacturers of private label soups, beans, broths, gravies and sauces, with more than 110 years of experience helping consumers navigate store brand opportunities. Ice Miller has been privileged to support Morgan Foods as its outside legal counsel today and throughout the last century.

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Pictured Left to Right: Louis C. Gottsponer, Jr., Morgan Foods President; Rich Thrapp, Ice Miller Partner; Amy, Morgan Foods; John S. Morgan, Morgan Foods Chairman of the Board and CEO 

Status Solutions

Status Solutions is the pioneering provider of situational awareness technologies for life safety, security, environmental monitoring and mass notification. There's no time to waste when people and property could be in danger. Ice Miller is proud to act as outside general counsel to Status Solutions, providing real-time solutions to the legal risks and opportunities Status Solutions encounters in the marketplace.

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Pictured Left to Right: Tom Pampush, Ice Miller Partner; Mike MacLeod, Status Solutions Partner; Amy Jeffs, Status Solutions Vice President 
Status Solutions


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