Marilyn Kennedy is a legal nurse consultant with over 25 years of experience primarily working in the areas of drug and device law, toxic tort, medical malpractice, asbestos litigation, and personal injury law.

As a registered nurse in the state of Indiana with over 25 years of experience as a legal nurse consultant, Marilyn assists attorneys by evaluating, analyzing and rendering informed opinions regarding health care and resulting outcomes, and also educates attorneys regarding medical issues. In addition, she researches and integrates medical literature as it relates to cases; reviews, summarizes and analyzes medical records and other pertinent health care, scientific and legal documents; assesses damages and causation; locates, evaluates and confers with expert witnesses; interviews witnesses regarding health care, scientific and other case-related issues in collaboration with attorneys; and drafts legal documents under supervision of attorneys.

During the discovery phase, Marilyn assists clients and attorneys in preparation of discovery requests to plaintiffs, preparation of discovery responses by client and preparations for depositions. She has worked with several large pharmaceutical and medical device companies in the past. She has assisted with trial preparation, including but not limited to: organization of documents, preparation of trial exhibits including demonstrative exhibits, working with witnesses, working with technology providers to assure the courtroom is ready for use with respect to equipment, keeping a critical dates calendar and assisting attorneys at trial as needed.

Prior to joining the Firm, Marilyn was a staff registered nurse in the newborn nursery and the OB-GYN section of Methodist Hospital for five years. She has also served as the assistant director for nursing for the Convalescent Center of Honolulu, as well as a staff registered nurse for Straub Hospital and Clinic in Honolulu, Hawaii and for Indiana University Hospital in Indianapolis, Ind.

Marilyn earned her Bachelor of Science in nursing from Indiana University in 1975. As a former member of the Indianapolis Chapter of the American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants, she was the founding president of the group, and also a member of the board of directors until 1999.

Marilyn joined Ice Miller in July 1987.

Marilyn Kennedy is not licensed to practice law in any state and does not provide legal services.
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